No events have used to be more important religious undertakings for Japanese folks than the Bon Festival, which is observed once a year. Pious

people@await reunion with dear deceased@forebears in religious rituals, praying for their

heavenly happiness. The eBon OdorIf takes place@in many localities of Japan during the months of July or August as time-honored events, and are observed in traditional way. In the Funabashi-city area, in contrast, a variety of emodernisticf Bon-dancing assemblies are popular, with the music, rhythm and style different from the traditional ones; e.g., gFunabashi Ondoh (Funabashi Chorus Song). It has become simply mere amusement or pleasure making. However, it should be a wonderful, enjoyable experience to visit and join in some of the Bon-Odori gatherings, after sunset, at nearby shrines, temples, or school playgrounds.