A free consultation service by professionals is available, when you need some advice on legal matters concerning immigration procedures.

  • Examples of consultations:

    I want to:

    • bring my family members over to Japan.

    • renew my visa.

    • change my resident qualification as I am going to work after finishing school.

    • continue to stay in Japan after being divorced from a Japanese spouse.

    • get a permanent resident right in Japan.

    • acquire Japanese citizenship (Naturalization)

    • Start a business in Japan

    • Others

  • Need reservation call:

    • TEL@OSV|SUS|QTPO (English available)
      Hiroshi Shinohara, Organizer
      (Free Consultation room of Katsunan branch, Chiba Gyousei-Shoshi Organization)

  • Date: Apr. 12, May 10, June 14, July 12

  • Time: 13:00`16:00

  • Place:@The area in front of Room 202 in Funabashi City Hall 2F

If you cannot speak Japanese, please contact Foreign Resident Advisory Service.

Foreign Residentsf Advisory Service

Open: Every Monday & Friday


Place: Funabashi City Hall 2F Room 202

Tel.: 047-436-2953