Spring has come. Summer is just around the corner.

The H. C. Andersen Park, a recreation complex spread on 27 hectares, on which this edition introduced in several past issues, consists of three zones: the gWampaku Okokuh (Kids Kingdom), gMeruhen-no-okah (Maerchenfs Hill) and gKodomo Bijutsukanh (Childrenfs Art Museum). In addition to the facilities offered for field athletic games, Danish Windmill, The Sunny Pond, boathouse, etc.; the Childrenfs Art Museum provides various ateliers for cooking, dyeing/weaving, pottery-making, woodcraft, open-air theater, workshop, woodblock printing, audio-visual studio, observation, nature cellar, etc.  Come, experience, and enjoy yourself !



Following Shin-Keisei Buses are available ; at @JR Funabashi sta. North Exit bound for eKomuro-ekif, or Afor eToyotomi Noukyoumaef ; at Shin-keisei linefs Misaki sta. or at Kita-narashino sta. bound forBeKomuro-ekif, or for CeSecomedic Byouinf; at Hokuso-Kaihatsu R.R.fs Komuro sta. Bound Dfor eJR Funabashi Sta. North Exitf and/or for EShin-Keisei linefs Kita-nanashinof sta. Get off at eH.C. Andersen Parkf or bus stops, located a few-minute walk to the Parkfs north or south gates.  In all events, be sure to ask the bus driver for the nearest bus stops to get off.

Special attractions and events are on from month to month. For specific or information, intended for visit, call the office at Tel: 047-457-6627. Specific for Childrenfs Museum, call Tel: 047-457-666l (direct). Address of the parks: Funabashi-shi, Kanahoricho 525.

HOURS OPEN: 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

while open hours are extended for another hour to 5:00 p.m. on Sundays and national holidays from March 20 to October 31, and on weekdays from July 21 to August 31.

FACILITIES CLOSED: Every Mondays and days next to national holidays in principle - ask for irregularities to the Park office for specific days of intended visit

ADMISSIONS: \100 for kids of 4years old or older, \210 for primary/junior high-school pupils, \610 for high-school students (show student certificate), and \ 920 for adults

Car park: \510