Japanese people often use the word, gGambaruh, but it has various meanings as follows. The@following are the examples of the sentence showing the respective meaning.@

  1. Stick to onefs own will to the end.

    |One persists in his own opinion, saying that he canft concede it.

  2. In order to carry out a difficult thing, make all possible efforts endurably.

    |One perseveres in his preparation for the examination all night.

  3. Occupy a certain place and stay there.

    |A policeman holds the entrance.

  4. When we encourage or cheer up the others,@we say gGambatte Kudasaih.

    On the other hand, the friends of a newly- married couple say gGambareh to the couple, when they see them off on honeymoon, but the meaning is not clear and there is no such a description in the dictionary. What on earth do you think this means?





|Becoming a commercial center|

Honcho-street had been a center of Funabashi City since a long time ago and was known as one of the major shopping districts in Chiba Prefecture. But the street was very narrow. It was used not only by pedestrians but by bicycles and automobiles. From 1955 afterwards, the number of autos increased rapidly along with the development of the economy. So for the   safety sake for one reason, in 1960 the city started 5 year project of building sidewalks for the pedestrians and shoppers and converted the existing shop buildings along Honcho-street to fire-resistant 3 storied structure.

From 1965 onwards, the center of business moved to Funabashi station area as large scaled stores and underground shopping areas started business around the station.

In the latter half of 1970s, many large scaled stores and supermarkets also entered business around Tsudanuma Station. Thus Funabashi has become one of the largest business towns in the vicinity of Metropolitan Tokyo.