In order to send your children to a nursery school in April 2002, you are required to apply for the entrance by January 31st 2002.

There are 27 public and 18 private nursery schools in our city.

In principle, the children who can not be taken care of by their guardians at home are nursed by these schools in place of those guardians, if certain conditions are met. The application form is accepted at the nursery section of the city office or the nursery school.

You are advised to call the nursery section at 436-2330 for further detailed information.

Permission for the entrance is not gfirst-come-first-


The method of application

1)      Application forms are available at the nursery section, branch offices, Tsudanuma liaison office, and the nursery schools. You can also get the pamphlet introducing the details of nursery and so on.

2)      The deadline for application

a.      Jan. 31st 2002 for the nursery section

b.  Jan. 25th 2002 for the nursery school

The notice of permission

Application forms examined in accordance with Cityfs standard of deciding the entrance.

The applicant will be notified of the decision on and after March 1st 2002.