Come and visit Funabashi -H.C. Andersen Park.
Spend your pastime and enjoy
Danish rural culture.


The Funabashi-H.C. Andersen Park, completed in 1996 and named after the world-known Danish fairy-tale writer, represents the cityfs large-scale public park complexes for the pleasure and enjoyment of the citizens, comprising a sprawling area of 27.3 hectares.

The H.C. Andersen Park roughly consists of three major pleasure-making facility zones or groups. The first, the gWampaku Okokuh (Kids Kingdom), which is popular not only among kids but also for the grown-ups, in reminiscence of their childhood, having  field athletic equipment, lawn plaza and other play gears; second, the gMeruhen-no-okah (Märchenfs Hill) for intimate get-together with ponies and other small animals in the pastoral green landscape reproduced from Denmark of the 1800s when Andersen was active, a windmill for grinding flour built by Danish craftsmen; and the gKodomo Bijutsukanh (Childrenfs Art Museum) where boys and girls may enjoy pleasure of creative arts.

Special events and exhibitions are undertaken from month to month. For any specific details and other events, call Funabashi Park Association,  at 047-457-6627.

For visiting the park, take a Shin-Keisei Bus bound for eSekomedic Hospitalf at Shin-Keisei RRfs Misaki  Station, and get off at eH.C. Andersen Parkf bus stop. Other routes are also available from Shin-keiseifs Kita-narashino Station or JR Funabashi Station (by 1-10 minute walk either to the parkfs north or south gates from the bus stop). Ask for convenience at a nearby bus transport