Movie Shows Scheduled for the Last 3 months of the Year,
October to December

The following movie films will be shown at the Funabashi Shimin Bunka (Citizensf Culture) Hall, in coming three months, 3 times on the days as indicated, at 10:00, 14:00 and 18:30: 

  • gKAMILLA OG TYVENh (Kamilla and The Thief) 

    • Tue., Oct. 23, 1Hr.-31Min.

    • A 1988 Norwegian film,

    • Directed by Grate Salomonson

    • Starring Veronika Flaat, Dennis StorhØi, Morten Harket, A.G. Haaland, etc.

  • g12-NIN-NO YASASHII NIHONJINh (Twelve Affectionate Japanese)

    • Tue., Nov., 20, 1Hr.-56Min.

    • A 1991 Japanese film

    • Directed by Nakahara Shun,

    • Dramatized by Mitani Koki & Sunshine Boys

    • Starring Shiomi Sansei, Aijima Kazuyuki, Ueda Koichi,  Nakamura Mariko, etc.


    • Wed., Dec., 19, 1Hr.-48Min.

    • A 1999 US film

    • Directed by Joe Johnston

    • Starring Jake Gyllenheal, Chris Cooper, Laura Dern, Chris Dwen, etc.

The Cinema-Salon membership application is accepted at any time (including the respective day of the show) at the said Funabashi Bunka Hall (3F), where the pictures will be shown, with address at 2-2-5 Honcho, Funabashi city. The annual fee: \1500. Film products may be subject to change due to circumstances. For further inquiry, call 047-434-5555