|Reclamation and Industrialization | 

When the Pacific War ended, the south of the present Route 14 was shallow shore to a considerable distance. As soon as the war ended, the reclamation of  the shore partially started. On the wide reclaimed land, children used to get   together to play baseball games. Due to the lack of gloves and bats, many of them played bare-handed and clubs.

Around 1954, the land creation of Tokyo Bay coastal area for Keiyo Industrial Zone started. In response to it, in 1956, Funabashi City opened the full-scale reclamation for the site of factories and warehouses, and in 1964, an industrial park for small and medium-sized industries was completed. Many factories and facilities were moved from the industrial areas of Tokyo and Funabashi to   this newly reclaimed land and formed a new coastal industrial zone.

During the period from 1965 to 1975, Chiba Prefecture made a large scaled reclamation in order to improve and grade up the harbor facilities including Funabashi Harbor. On the land of Takase-Cho which was born at this time, a large food industry complex was formed comprising approx. 180 enterprises such as a    major brewery, confectioneries, edible meat processing industries and distributors.