Expressions using "mizu (water)" —

Japan is abundant in "mizu" (water). We, therefore, have many expressions using "mizu". Let us introduce some of them to you.

"Mizu mo shitataru yona bijin" is referred to as a symbolized beauty. This means a beautiful, charming woman with fresh and smooth skin. What is your standard of a beauty? When police take on the alert, "mizu mo morasanu" (literally, even a drop of water is not leaked out) is used as meaning being prudent, cautious, without any unguarded moment. As one of the bad meaning expressions, "mizu o sasu" (literally, pour water into) is often used when someone goes for estranging two intimate persons from each other, or someone's thoughtless words/performance spoils good atmosphere.

"Mizu ni nagasu"(literally,let it go with water flow) means to disposing of an illfeeling between two persons by forgiving each other and forgetting the past. But it is not always good to "mizu ni nagasu" so easily. A drainpipe in your kitchen may be choked up if you dispose of garbage without treating well. You should have a heart-to-heart talk in order to remove the mutual misunderstanding before "subete o mizu ni  nagasu" (letting everything go with water flow).

Some people say the 21st century is "the Century of Water". Water is very precious. Let's use it wisely.