Autumn in Japan is considered to be the best season to enjoy sports.

Let us introduce the public tennis courts in Funabashi as under to the readers who love to play tennis. 

@Name APlace BTelephone CNo. of courts DFee EReservation


@Undo Koen A6-4-1 Natsumidai@B438-4461 C5 D\315 EA


@Graspo Hoden Koen A5-9-10 Fujiwara B438-3500 C13 D\1,050 EA


@Wakamatsu Koen A3-4-1 Wakamatsu B434-1416 C2 D\315 EA


@Natsumidai Undo Hiroba A4-5 Natsumidai B438-4461C5 Dfree EA


@Natsumi-cho 1-chome Koen A2-5 Natsumidai B438-4461 C2 Dfree EA


@Kita-Narashino Kinrin Koen A3-4-1 Narashinodai@B466-2811 C6@D\315 EB


@Takanekido Kinrin Koen A5-3-1 Takanedai B465-4331 C3 D\315 EC


@Funabashi Kaihin Koen A40 Shiomicho B435-0828 C6 D\4,080 ED


  1. Open 9a.m.- 5p.m. Undo Koenfs courts can be used from 6a.m. or until 9p.m. and Wakamatsu Koenfs from 6a.m. depending on month. For night plays lighting charge will be added.

  2. Fees indicated are for 2 hours per court for Funabashi residents ( 1) through 7) ). Fees on 8) are for Saturdays, Sundays & public holidays, and 3,060 yen for weekdays.

  3. How to reserve.

    1. First you are requested to visit gShogai Sports Kah at City Hall to obtain a registration card valid for 3 years.

      Then by calling Reservation Center at 047-461-6660 and by inputting numbers according to the instructions, you can apply for reservation, check the result of drawing, check the vacancy, or reserve the courts.

      These operations can also be made by using computer displays placed at Shogai Sports Ka, Undo Koen, Graspo Hoden Koen, Funabashi Arena & Budo Center.

      Reservation applications are accepted from 1st thru 10th, 2 month prior to the month of play. Successful candidates are selected by drawing and informed by 19th. Payment should be made from 16th through 28th. Further Vacancies are filled on first-come-first served basis from 1 month prior to the month of play.

    2. Reservation should be made at Narashinodai Shucchojo (Tel: 466-2811) by visiting there in person 2 weeks in advance (for weekdays) or 10 days in advance (for weekends) of the day of play. Reservation     by telephone is not accepted.

    3. Reservation should be made at Takanedai Shucchosho (Tel: 465-4331) by visiting there   in person 2 weeks in advance (for weekdays) or 10 days in advance (for weekends) of the days of play. Reservation by telephone is not accepted.

    4. Application should be made from 1st thru          10th 1 month ahead of the month of play by using gOfuku Hagakih or a reply-paid postcard. Successful applicants are informed by 19th. Application for vacant courts are accepted by phone from 20th.  Payment can be made at the time of play.