Movie Shows Scheduled for 3 months, July to September

Out of the movie films scheduled for the year, one for each month, the following three pictures will be shown at the Funabashi Shimin Bunka (Citizensf Culture) Hall, in the three months of July to September, 3 times respectively on the days indicated, at 10:00, 14:00 and 18:30: 

gSAMMA-NO-AJIh (A Taste of the Saury),
Thurs., July 19,

2 Hrs.-13Min.

A 1962 Japanese film, Ozufs posthumous work

Directed by Ozu Yasujiro, and starring Ryu Chishu,   Iwashita Shima, Sada Keiji, etc. 

Thurs., August 23

96Min.  A 1952 U.S. film

Directed by S. Dickinson, and starring Audrey Hepburn, Valentina Cortese, Serge Reggiani, etc. 

gSHIGURE-NO-KIh(A Chronicle of the Late-Autumn Shower),
Thurs., Sept.,

1Hr.-56Min.  A l999 Japanese film

Directed by Sawai Shinichiro, and starring Yoshinaga Sayuri, Watari Tetsuya, Hayashi Ryuzo, etc. 

The Cinema-Salon membership application is accepted at any time (even on the day of the show) at the said Funabashi Bunka Hall (3F), where the pictures will be on, with address at 2-2-5 Honcho, Funabashi city. The annual fee: \1500. Films products may be subject to change due to circumstances. For further inquiry, call

TEL 047-434-5555.