| Fishing Industry |

Fishing was the major industry of Funabashi. In Edo period, it was one of the largest fishing areas in Tokyo Bay, and its fishing port was the most populated district in this area.

In 1614, seafood caught here was served to Tokugawa Ieyasu|the founder of Tokugawa Shogunate|when he visited this place and was rated as the best seafood@he had ever eaten.

There were some years of poor catches owing tothe topographic changes caused by the great earthquake of 1703, and the fights for fishing grounds with the neighboring villages continued for some time. In 1824, a leader of Funabashi fishing groups was killed in jail because of the dispute over the commonage of Sanbanze shoreline which spread over the present Funabashi City and Ichikawa City. The memorial services held at Fudo-In Temple in front of Chuo-Kominkan Public Hall is said to have originated in this accident.

There was a fish market at the north exit of Funabashi Station| near the present Tobu Department Store. The strong smell peculiar to the fish market waked us up from doze as we came closer from Tokyo by train. The fish market was transferred to the Central Wholesale Market which was opened in 1969.