Do you know the assistance system of Funabashi City for rearing children?

TDFinancial Aid for Childbirth

If you are a policy holders of the National Health Insurance Section, you can receive a lump-sum payment of \300,000 for the childbirth one month after submitting the application to Kokumin Kenko Hoken-Ka (National Health Insurance Section) of City Hall or Branch Offices.

From this April, you can obtain a partial advance payment before childbirth if necessary, provided that;

  1. You are a policy holder of the National Public Health Insurance.

  2. The childbirth is expected within one month.

  3. You are over 4 months pregnant and need to make a partial payment to the hospital.

The total amount of a partial advance does not exceed \270,000. Interest will not be required.

The application forms and further necessary information will be obtained at

Kokumin Kenko Hoken-Ka
TEL 436-2393


Foreign Residents Advisory Service 2F of the City Hall
TEL 436-2953

UDNursery Schools for a short time

In case you have difficulty in taking care of your children because of working part-time for one or two days a week, or going to hospital, or being hospitalized for sudden illness or injury, 6 nursery schools will accept your children of under elementary school ages and take care of them for a short time.

In any case, the term of taking care of them does not exceed 9 days a month. In case the number of such children has been over the capacity in the respective school, your children may not be acceptable.

The name and address of each school, days and hours available, charges, the application forms and further information will be obtained at

Hoiku-Ka (Nursery School Section) of the City Hall
TEL 436-2330


Foreign Resident Advisory Sevice
TEL 436-2953

VDFree Rental Car Child-seat Service

Funabashi residents can use, free of charge, a child-seat for the children of under 6 years old.

 It will not be available in case the respective seat for your request is out of stock.

The types of the child-seats, the lending term, the application forms and further information will be obtained at

Jido Katei-Ka (Children & Family Section) of the City Hall
TEL 436-2319


Foreign Resident Advisory Service
TEL 436-2953

WDOther Support for Rearing Children

@Child allowance system, AMedical expense assistance, BHokago room(Public after-school child care), CAnti-polio immunization with live polio vaccine.

Please see "Yokoso to Funabashi " Vol.20, 2000 for @ and A, special edition of Mar. 2000 for B, and of Aug. 2000 for C.

Foreign Resident Advisory Service
(Open Monday and Friday 10:00