Come and Enjoy This Summer Vacation at The Funabashi Seaside Park

The Funabashi Seaside Park has a wonderful set of water-related recreation facilities, available with charges payable, such as the flowing-current pool, 300 meters around; another pool for kids, still the other for infants; water sliders, etc., that are open the year round. Additionally, a running-water pool will be in use from July 14 to September 2.  There are also other line-ups of recreational facilities for the visitors. For any details call

gFunabashi Seaside Parkh, TEL: 047-435-0828.

For visiting the park, take the Keisei Bus Line at JR Funabashi Stationfs South Exit, Keisei Funabashi Station, or at JR Keiyo-Linefs Futamata Shimmachi Station, and get off at gFunabashi Kaihin Koenh, their terminal bus stop.