" Dengaku "

by NOM

Dengaku is a well-known Japanese dish using Tofu, which is grilled Tofu with Miso sauce on it.          

The following is an easy way to cook Dengaku with a frying pan instead of a grill. 

< Ingredients ( 4 servings ) >

  1. 2 blocks of Momen-Dofu( Tofu )

  2. For Miso sauce: 120g of Miso,  5 tbsps. of sugar,  2 tbsps. of Mirin, 3 tbsps. of water, 1 tsp. of Dashi-no-moto ( Japanese powdered stock )

  3. 18 Kinome ( Japanese pepper buds )

  4. 2 tbsps. of salad oil

  5. 8 Dengaku-skewers 

< Direction >

  1. Wrap Tofu in a cloth, place it between two chopping boards for 20`30 minutes to drain water.

  2. Put all the ingredients of No.2 into a pan and cook on a low heat until it becomes smooth and creamy, stirring constantly.

  3. Cut 10 pieces of the Kinome leaves fine and add it into Miso sauce.

  4. Cut each Tofu into 4 pieces.

  5. Heat a pan first and then the oil, and fry the   both sides of the Tofu  in it.

  6. Pass a skewer through the each fried Tofu and   spread the Miso sauce on it  .

  7. Arrange the Dengaku on a serving dish and put the Kinome on them decoratively.