How to get a long-term public bicycle park 
near the train stations.

How to apply?

Around the middle of January each year applicants are requested to get an application form at the City Hall or its branch/liaison offices, fill out the form of postcard, and post it or bring it to the Doro Kanri-ka (Road Section) at the City Hall.

Incidentally, April 2001 - March 2002 applications were made during January 15 through January 24, and for unfilled parks during March 1 through March 6 .

Notice for supplementary application for further remained parks was made on Koho-Funabashi, the Cityfs official journal or at the respective bicycle parks and the registrations started to be  taken  on first-come-first- served basis on and after march 26. 

Those who wish to get a Bicycle Park from now are recommended to inquire at the Doro-Kanri-ka at the City Hall. (Doro-Kanri-ka will be changed to Kotu-Anzen-ka  Traffic Safety Section in April)

City of Funabashi has the public bicycle parks near the following train stations;

Funabashi, Higashi-Funabashi, Nishi-Funabashi, Funabashi-Hoten, Baraki Nakayama, Shimousa-Nakayama, Minami-Funabashi, Shin-Funabashi, Tsudanuma, Maebara, Yakuendai, Narashino, Kita-Narashino, Takanekido, Takane-Kodan, Takifudo, Misaki, Futawamukodai, Komuro, Higashi-Kaijin, Hasama, Funabashi-Nichidaimae, Miyamashako (bus stop) 


Those who live over 800 meter away from the station and commute by train.

Application is limited to one per person at each station.

In case the number of applicants surpasses the capacity, successful applicants are decided by lottery.

Fees (  )¨ fee for under roof park 

Contract Term

Funabashi residents Non-Funabashi residents
High school students or minors Others High school students or minors Others
1 month  \250   i\300j  \600  @(\700) \500 @(\600)  \1,200   (\1,400)
1 year \2,750 i\3,300j \6,600  (\7,700)  \5,500 (\6,600)

\13,200 (\15,400)

Consumption tax is extra.

Some parks are offered on daily basis for \100  per day.

Motorcycle parks are also available in some areas for higher fees. 

Validity of registration

From April 2001 or the month registered through March 2002. 

Public bicycle parks near other train stations than listed above may be administrated by the adjacent city governments.  You are suggested to inquire at the particular parks or the respective city government.