Expressions using
gashi (feet)" 

Let us introduce you some expressions using gashi (feet)".Each expression has special meaning other than its original literal sense of the word.gAshi o arau" is literally to wash one's feet, but it also means to quit the shady or         dangerous business. gAshi ga deru" (to show one's feet) is to exceed the budget,gashi ga hayai" (to run fast) means the food spoils (goes bad) quickly. We say  gashi ga tsuku" (one's feet are being traced) when the footprints of an escapee were found out. 


By the way, go-ashi" means money. Perhaps it is because money circulates and  runs away fast (gashi ga hayai") as if it has feet if we are not very careful.  Japan has been struggling to get out from the stagnation for many years. In the year of 2001, we should stop merry-making life and should keep our feet fast on the ground (gashiga chi ni tsuita" seikatsu-life), tighten our budget and control the out-goings (to stop the gashi ga deru" and make a steady life).