The cherry blossom season will soon come here. In Funabashi, there are not a few places good for the beautiful flower viewing. Japanese people like better to see rows or forests of cherry blossom flowers rather than to see one or two trees. People gather under the cherry trees in full bloom and they enjoy not only the flower viewing but also drinking and eating with their family members, friends or colleagues.

This custom of the flower viewing is said to be one of the Japanese native cultures not found in other countries and may surprise many foreigners who see for the first time the sight of Japanese attitude toward the flower viewing especially in the cherry blossom season.

Such custom had been spread among common people as their enjoyment inEdo period, about 300 years ago, based on two activities.

One was the cherry flower viewing activity preserved with care by Japanese nobility from ancient times and the other was the farmers' religious activity to welcome a paddy field god with foods and drinks who brought spring to them.

Why don't you join the flower viewing? It is one of the Japanese customs you should not miss!

Note: Places good for the cherry  blossom viewing are introduced in detail on " Yokoso to  Funabashi " Vol.14  Mar. 1999.

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@Ebigawa River
Gyoda Park
Kinrin Park
Benten-ike Park
Sakura Park

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