In continuation to the preceding quarter, the following will be shown in the coming months: 

  • gThe Shawshank Redemptionh

    • Tue., October, 17

    • 2 Hrs-23 Min. 

    • A 1994 U.S. film

    • Directed by Frank Darabont

    • Starring Tim Robins, Morgan Freeman, etc.

The drama depicts livelihood of an innocent bank clerk, named Andy, confined in prison for 27 years, who nevertheless loses no sense of his innate humanity. Despite apparent fondness of such movies by men, it attracts and appeals to a wide spectrum of female spectators with his humane character.  

  • gDoro-no-Kawah (The Muddy River)

    • Tue., November, 14

    • 1 Hr.-45 Min.

    • A 1981 Japanese film

    • Directed by Kohei Oguri

    • Starring TakahiroTamura, Yumiko Fujita, etc.

This debut film by Kohei Oguri depicts in fine touches a slum livelihood of poverty-stricken people, in the estuary of the Ajigawa River in Osaka, being left behind from economic growth of the nation that had just come by in and around l956. Granted a Moscow Film Tournament Silver Award. 

  • gLes Parapuluies de Cherbourgh, (The Umbrellas of Cherbourg)

    • Thur.,December 21

    • 1Hr.-31Min.  

    • A l964 French/ West German film

    • Directed by Jacques Demy

    • Starring Catherine Deneuve, etc.

A musical of a man and a woman pledged to marry, where the male partner is drafted under conscription to military service. Followed by drastic changes in their lives, exudes melodic pathos all over the film. A masterpiece that causes renewed flow of tears against the backdrop of the beautiful Cherbourg scenery.

The cinema-salon membership application is accepted at any time at the Bunka Hall, where the films are shown, located at 2-2-5 Honcho, for an annual fee of \1500. Films are on show three times on each of the days indicated at 10:00, 14:00 and 18:30.  For inquiry , call 047-434-5555