We are now in autumn. In Japan autumn is said to be the best season for reading due to its cool climate and long night time.

We, therefore, are going to introduce to you the public libraries in Funabashi.

City of Funabashi has 4 municipal libraries, having about 200,000 books each, a mobile library and 5 Kominkans with reading rooms for the convenience of citizens of various districts. 

  • Chuo Toshokan - Chuo Library Near JRfs or Keiseifs Funabashi Station [Tel.: 047-460-1311]

Relocated and newly-opened in July this year, Chuo Library has an Art Books Corner with collections of books on paintings, architectures, porcelains and other arts in a relaxed atmosphere, a childrenfs reading room with infantsf/childrenfs books, a collection room of valuable infantsf/childrenfs books and their studies, and a digital library with CD-ROMs. 

  • Nishi Toshokan - West Library Near JRfs Nishi-Funabashi Station or Keiseifs Nishifuna Station.  [Tel.: 047-431-4385]

This library boasts the largest collection of materials on Funabashi City, its neighboring regions and Chiba Prefecture. 

  • Kita Toshokan - North Library Near Shinkeiseifs Futawa-Mukodai Station. [Tel.: 047-448-4899]

The specialty of this library is its collection of about 5,000 video tapes/video discs/laser disks of movies and others. Visitors can watch/listen to them there and borrow them as well. 

  • Higashi Toshokan - East Library Near Shin-Keiseifs Narashino or Kita-Narashino Staion. [Tel: 047-463-3611]

This library has a collection of over 290,000 books (including 120,000 literature books), the largest in numbers among 4 libraries and functions as a base of mobile library, of which car carries about 3,000 books and they are lent at 42 locations in the city. For details of mobile library, contact Higashi Toshokan.

  • On top of the above, the following Kominkans have reading rooms, where visitors can read and borrow books,

Takanedai Kominkan (Tel.: 463-4880)
Kominkan (Tel.: 437-2203)
Kominkan (Tel.:457-5145)
Kominkan (Tel.:439-0118)
Kominkan (Tel.:438-2610) 

The libraries are closed, in general, on Mondays and national holidays.