EXPANDED in April, 2000.

Do you know about the Medical Expense Assistance System for the children under age of three?  In April, the system was amended as follows;

  1. The children under age of four will be paid a subsidy under this system when they attend a hospital or are hospitalized.

  2. The children of four years or over and those before entering an elementary school will be paid a subsidy when they are hospitalized for 7 days or over.

  3. The families supporting the above children should@be insured by the National Health Insurance or@Social Insurance Systems.

  4. The annual income tax of the supporting families must be \1,500,000 or under.

  5. The amount of the subsidy granted differs   according to the annual income tax paid.

  6. Those who want to receive this benefit are requested to submit an application to Jido-Kateika@(Children & Families Section) of City Hall or Fukushi Guide Corner (Welfare Guide Corner) of Branch Offices.


  1. For further assistance for the procedure, contact Jido-Kateika(Child & Families Section), 3F of the City Hall. Tel:047-436-2316. If you need language assistance, contact Foreign Residence Advisory Service 2F of the City Hall. Tel:047-436-2953.@(open on Monday & Friday 10:00`16:00)