Do you know about the Public Child Allowance System? Yes, Funabashi City has this system and it had been applied for the children under 3 years old including registered alien families.

The applicable ages were expanded from June this year to children who were born on or after April 2, 1994 and before entering an elementary school.

  1. In order to receive this allowance, you need to submit an application to Jido-Kateika (Child & Family Section) of City Hall directly or through its   branch offices and or Tsudanumaeki-mae Liaison Office.

  2. This system is not applied if your income exceeds   a certain level. The standard level is decided by the type of pension plan and number of your dependents in the previous fiscal year.

  3. The monthly allowance per child is \5,000 for the@ first and the second child, and \10,000 for the third and after.

For further information such as how to write the application forms, the calculation of the income level or other related matters, please contact the above mentioned offices or Foreign Resident Advisory Service.

Jido-Kateika (Children & Families Section), 3F of the City Hall Tel: 047-436-2316

Foreign Resident Advisory Service, 2F of the City Hall Tel: 047-436-2953.  (Open on Monday and Friday 10:00`16:00)