Amended on February 18, 2000.

The three major amendments are as follows.

  1. Illegal Stay has become a gcrimeh.

  2. The period of Refusal of Landing has been extended. Before the revision, any foreigner extradited from Japan could not enter Japan for a period of one year. However, from February 18, 2000, the persons extradited under the revised act are not allowed to enter Japan for a period of five years.

  3. Re-entry Permit Validity Extension 
    The period of Re-entry Permit Validity had formally been stipulated gnot to exceed one year period.h  However, after February 18, 2000, it has been  extended to gnot to exceed three years period.h  Please note that even under the revised act, Re-entry Permit Validity can not exceed your period of stay already granted.

InformationFImmigration Office,
the Ministry of Justice   TelDF03-3580-4111

 100-8977 Kasumigaseki 1-1-1,  


Changed on April 1, 2000.

The following changes were made in accordance with the revision of the Alien Registration Law.

  1. The former document calleduOlo^ϏؖvgGAIKOKUJIN|TOROKU|ZUMI|    SHOMEISHOh (The Certificate of Alien Registration) was abolished.

    The new document nameduo^[Lڎؖv, gTOROKU|GENPYO|KISAIJIKO|    SHOMEISHOh. (The Certificate of the Registered Matters on the Original Registration) is issued, instead.

  2. In case of changes in your domicile, your status of residence, your period of stay, etc. Not only     yourself but also your family or relative living in the same household can submit the said application by proxy. 

  3. Fingerprinting of foreign residents is abolished. Instead, your signature and data about your family    living in Japan are required to register.

  4. The following changes are made for permanent residents and special permanent residents.

    • Entries in goccupationh and gname and address of  your workplaceh are deleted.

    • Registration Certificate is subject to renew every 7 years instead of every 5 years as before. 

Information: Alien Registration Counter, Citizensf Section, Funabashi City Hall 
                   TEL  047-436-2266