Film Shows Scheduled July to September, 2000

"Anne of Green Gables"     on Wed., July 19

Film of 1986, jointly produced by Canada, U.S. and West Germany.

Story: A carroty-hair girl, adopted mistakenly for a boy from an orphanage by advanced-age brother and sister.

"American Graffiti”     on Thu., Aug. 10

A U.S. film of l973

Story: Adolescent youngsters, hunting girls as pastime riding on custom-cars, going car racing,  fighting with each other, separating with lovers. And a new life starts.

 “Kamata Koshinkyoku” (Fall Guy)      on Thur., Sept. 21

A Japanese film , l982

Story: A human comedy, an inside story of a film production firm, depicting a queer relationship among three down-grade actresses of a big stable, sadistic and masochistic; one conceiving child of a well-known actor

The Cine-saloon membership application is accepted and registered at any time at the Funabashi Shimin Bunka Hall at Honcho, where the films are also shown.  Each film is shown at 10:00, 14:00 and 18:30 on the day indicated. Annual fee: \1500.  For inquiries call 047-434-5555 or fax 047-434-5558


@Tuesday 10:00〜12:00 At:Chuo Komimkan(near Funabashi Sta.)
ATuesday 19:00〜21:00
 At:Futawa Kominkan(near Futawa-Mukodai Sta.)
BFriday 19:00〜21:00
At:Yakuendai Kominkan(near Yakuendai Sta.)
CFriday 19:00〜21:00
 At:Katsushika Kominkan(near Nishi-Funabashi Sta.)

 At:Miyamoto Kominkan(near Daijingushita Sta.)
 lO:00〜12:00 At:Women's Center(near Dajingu Shita Sta.)

 * The Class at the Women's Center is
given for the group of people who finished their basic study at the above Kominkans,or for the group of people    who need "Child Care Service." "Child Care Service" requires a moderate fee.

For further info. Please call 047−438−2083,
International Relations Sec. of Funabashi City Hall.