The annual Industrial Festivals will be held on a large scaleG 

Period:  from  July 21st  (Fri.)  to 23rd  (Sun.)

Many events will be performed and you are recommended not only to watch festivals but participate in their events. 

 "Made in Funabashi"@
        July 21st  (Fri.) ` 23rd  (Sun.),  11:00 a.m. `
            at Shimin Gallery (Square 21 Bldg. 3F)

The introduction of Funabashi City and many industrial products will be exhibited together with panels and Video.

 "Joy & Shopping Fair"
            July 22nd (Sat.)    11:00 a.m. `

A Flea Market in which you are most interested, sporting and playing lot, a festival lot and a kid's lot will be set up at Honcho and Miyamoto-dori.  

 "Citizen's Festival"
            July 23rd (Sun.),   11:00 a.m. ` 

HonchoMiyamoto-dori and Ekimae-dori will be full of grand parades such as "Mikoshi" (miniature shrines), Japanese folk dance, "Bakamen- Odori"(fools mask dance) and music bands, and of acrobatic performances on a ladder and Japanese drums.

Similar events also will take place at Narashinodai, Futawamukodai, Nakayama, and Otaki.


Gorgeous fireworks will be displayed as follows in commemoration of recently constructed Funabashi Harbor Shinsui Park which is expected to be a place of recreation and relaxation for the citizens. (Shinsui literally means to commune with water).

Date  : Aug.10th (Thurs.) 7:30 pm`8:30pm

  • In case of rain on 10thFAug.11th (Fri.)

  • In case of rain both on 10th &11th,F  Aug.17th (Thurs.)

Place : Funabashi Harbor Shinsui Park and  Funabashi Fishing Port 

Transportation :

  1. Get on Keisei Bus fm JR. Funabashi Station (south gate) or fm Keisei Line's@Funabashi Station and get off at  LaLa-Port bus stop ; or 

  2. 10 min. walk fm Keisei Line's Daijingu-shita Station ; or 

  3. Get on bus at Keisei Line's Funabashi Keibajo Station and get off at LaLa-Port bus stop.