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The hard copies of this periodical journal are available for free at City Hall and its branch offices, KOMINKAN ipubIic hallsj, Libraries and Post Offices in Funabashi.

YOKOSO to Funabashi Vol.19


  1. 33rd Funabashi Industrial Festivals 

  2. Hanabi (Fireworks)

  3. STORY OF FUNABASHI  |The Birth of Funabashi City |  

  4. JAPANESE EXPRESSIONS  "Taga no yurumi"/"Taga ga yurumu"

  5. JAPANESE COOKING   @Yakitori     

  6. Funabashi City awarded H.C. Andersen Prize from Odense City

  7. Film show scheduled by Funabashi Cine-saloonf   July to September, 2000

  8. Free Basic Conversational Japanese Class

  9. The Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act amended

  10. The Alien Registration Law Changed


  1. YOKOSO to Funabashi@Vol.18

"YOKOSO" to FUNABASHU is edited by Funabashi International Friendship Volunteers and issued by Funabashi International Relations Association (F.I.R.A.) quarterly.  For further information please contact the Secretariat the F.I.R.A. c/o International Relations Section, Funabashi City Hall.
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