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YOKOSO to Funabashi Special Edition


  1. Hokago Room - Public After School Child Care - 
    to start on April 1, 2000

  2. Anti-polio immunization with live polio vaccine

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Hokago Room 
- Public After School Child Care - 

to start on April 1, 2000


Hokago-room (after school child care ) - is to start on April 1 this year. A guardian who can not take care of his/her lower grade child at home because of work, illness and so on leaves him/her in its care at the palaces in elementary schools or “jido-homes - children's activity center,"  after school.

  So the previous system,gakudo-hoikuwas abolished on March 31.

Q  What is it for?

Its purpose is to encourage children to grow soundly in safe and sanitary environment through playing.

Q  Who takes care of children?

Each room has 3 instructors selected from qualified  teachers for kindergarten, elementary, junior or  senior high school, or nursery school and so on.

Q  When is it available?

Every school day : From after school to 6:30 p.m.

No school day   : From 8:30 am to 6:30 p.m.

Except for Sundays, national holidays, also from  Dec.29 to Jan. 3 .

Q  Tell me who can enroll, and its capacity.

From 1stgrade to 3rd grade. The capacity is about  40 children for 1 After School Room.

For the disabled child, who can take care of himself/herself  in the daily life, consult Jido-Katei-ka (Child and Family Section) of Funabashi City Hall .

Q  How about  a  fee?

8000 yen for monthly fee and an extra charge for  refreshments.

Q  My child goes to “gakudo-hoiku” now. Can he /she enroll in After School Room automatically?

No. You are requested to apply newly. Your child will be admitted after checking the family situation.

Q  Is it available to a 4th-graded pupil?

Yes, it is, if within its capacity.

Q  I go to work as a part-timer in the morning. Is it available for the summer vacation time only?

Yes ,it is, if the room has capacity. But enrollment period should be 1 month or over..

Q  Can I apply for the “room” in other school district?

As a rule, you can not. In case, yours is over capacity, or your school district doesn’t have the “room”, you can apply for the nearest one.

Q  Is it possible for a child to go to “juku” or to take any lessons during the hour?

Instructor will tell the child to go on schedule, if you give previous notice.


 ******** FOR APPLICATION **********

Application place:  Jido-Katei-Ka Child and Family Section,on the 3 F of Funabashi City Hall

Distribution of an application form:  Jido-Katei-Ka  (Child and Family Section)

Documents to be filed: Application form, 
Certificate of work
Others, if requested

For inquires, please call Jido-Katei-Ka (Child and Family Section ), Funabashi City Hall.
Tel  (047) 436-2318

If language help is needed, assistance service is available every Monday and Friday.
from 10:00 -16:00, at Room 202 on 2F, City Hall,
Tel o47- 436-2953

Anti-polio immunization with live polio vaccine

In order to protect children from polio, City of Funabashi provides anti-polio immunization with live polio vaccine 3 times a year, in April, September and January.

Dates & places in April, 2000

Time : 14:00 - 15:30

Reservation : Not required

Infants/children to be immunized  :  After 3 months of age through 90 months of age. Hopefully finish the two immunizations by 18 months.

Should be citizens of Funabashi or foreign residents registered at Funabashi

Times or doses of vaccination : Twice or 2 doses with at least 6 weeks’ interval between the first and the second.

Things to be carried with you : Boshi-Techo (Mother and Child Health Handbook), Alien Registration Certificate(card), Yobo-Sesshu Techo (Immunization-Handbook) and Yoshin-hyo (Preliminary Examination Slip) 

If you do not have Yobo-Sesshu Techo and Yoshin-hyo please get them at the Kenko-kanri-ka (Health Care Section) at the City Hall 3F.TEL:047-436-2414. - In Japanese only. Also, bring a pen. Slippers are required at marked places only.

Fees : Free

Those unsuitable for immunization : Those with fever, diarrhea, sick of acute disease, allergic to streptomycin or erythromycin, immunized within 4 weeks with such live vaccines as measles, rubella (German measles), mumps, BCG, etc., immunized within 1 week with such inactivated vaccines as DPT, double antigen or Japanese encephalitis, using anti-neoplastic agent or a drenocorticotropic hormone, patients of immuno-deficiency, a gammaglobulinemia, or congenital thymic hypoplasia, those recovered from measles, rubella (German measles), mumps, chicken pox, etc. within 1 month, those who recovered from acute infectious disease within a week, or any person who is diagnosed as unsuitable for immunization by a doctor. 

To Mothers or Fathers

The guardian, who knows the child's health condition well, is strongly requested to come with the child. Be sure to take the child's temperature on the day, and if the child has any health problem, have your child take a health check on the day or the previous day.

If the guardian has a problem in Japanese, it is recommended to be accompanied with a person who understands Japanese and interpret for her/him. If necessary, ask for assistance beforehand at Foreign Residents’ Advisory Service(Tel. 047-436-2953, Mondays & Fridays 10:0016:00 ) or International Relations Section of City Hall (Tel. 047-436-2083).   

Places of immunization in April , 2000

Please take indoor slippers with you to the places with -mark.



1) 4-7    (Fri)

中央保健(ちゅうおう ほけん)センタ-    JR船橋駅北口(ふなばしえき きたぐち)
Chuo Hoken Center  -  North Exit of JR’s Funabashi Station    


2) -10 (Mon)

東部保健(とうぶ ほけん)センタ−     しんけいせい ならしのえき
     Tobu Hoken Center  -  Shin-Keisei’s Narashino Station   


3) 4-11 (Tue)

高根台公民館(たかねだい こうみんかん)   しんけいせい たかね こうだん えき  
Takanedai Kominkan  -  Shin-Keisei’s Takane Kodan Station 


4) 4-11(Tue)

若松団地集会所 (わかまつ だんち しゅうかいじょ)  けいせい ふなばしけいばじょうえきから わかまつだんち ゆき バス しゅうてん

         * Wakamatsu Danchi Shukaio  -  Wakamatsu Danchi bus stop of the Keisei bus-line  from Keisei’s Funabashi Keibajo Station 


5) 4-12(Wed)

二和公民館(ふたわ こうみんかん)  しんけいせい ふたわ むこうだい えき
Futawa Kominkan  -  Shin-keisei’s Futawa Mukodai Station


6) -12(Wed)

丸山公民館(まるやま こうみんかん)  とうぶ まごめざわ えき
Maruyama Kominkan  -  Tobu’s Magomezawa Station


7) 4-13(Thu)

薬円台公民館(やくえんだい こうみんかん)  しんけいせい やくえんだい えき
Yakuendai Kominkan  -  Shin-Keisei’s Yakuendai Station

  8) 4-13  (Thu) 習志野台団地5街区集会所(ならしのだい だんち 5がいく しゅうかいじょ)    しんけいせい きた ならしの えき
Narashinodai Danchi 5-Gaiku Shukaijo  -  Shin-Keisei’s Kita-Narashino Station
  9) -14  (Fri) 北部保健(ほくぶほけん)センタ−  しんけいせい みさき えきより しんけいせいバス みさき ひがし ゆうびんきょくまえ   
          Hokubu Hoken Center  -  Misaki Higashi Yubinkyoku-mae bus stop of the Shin-Keisei bus-line  from Shin-Keisei’s Misaki Station
  10)  4-14  (Fri)   芝山団地2丁目集会所(しばやま だんち 2ちょうめ しゅうかいじょ)  JRふなばし えき きたぐち より しんけいせいバス しばやま だんち いりぐち
Shibayama Danchi 2-chome Shukaijo  -  Shibayama Danchi Iriguchi bus stop of  the Shin- Keisei bus  line from North exit of JR’s Funabashi Station 
  11) 4-17  (Mon) (1)とおなじ。 Same as (1)
  12) 4-18  (Tue)  小室公民館(こむろ こうみんかん)   ほくそう かいはつ てつどう こむろえき
Komuro Kominkan  -  Hokuso Kaihatsu Railway’s Komuro Station  
  13) 4-18  (Tue) 小栗原小学校(おぐりはら しょうがっこう)   −JRしもうさ なかやま えき
     Ogurihara Primary School  -  JR’s Shimousa Nakayama Station
  14) 4-19  (Wed) (2)とおなじ。 Same as (2).
  15) 4-19  (Wed) 宮本公民館(みやもと こうみんかん   けいせい だいじんぐうした えき
Miyamoto Kominkan  -  Keisei’s Daijingushita Station 
  16) 4-20  (Thu) 北部公民館(ほくぶ こうみんかん)  −JR ふなばしえき きたぐち より しんけいせいバス とよとみ ちゅうがっこう
Hokubu Kominkan  - Toyotomi Chugako bus stop of the Shin-Keisei bus-line from North Exit of JR’s Funabashi Station
  17) 4-20  (Thu) 葛飾公民館(かつしか こうみんかん)  けいせい にしふな えき
Katsushika Kominkan  -  Keisei’s Nishifuna Station
  18) 4-21  (Fri) 法典公民館(ほうでん こうみんかん)  とうぶ まごめざわ えき
Hoden Kominkan  -  Tobu’s Magomezawa Station
  19) 4-21  (Fri)   行田団地1-11号棟1階集会所(ぎょうだ だんち1-11ごうとう 1かい しゅうかいじょ)  −JRにしふなばし えき から ぎょうだだんち ゆき バス しゅうてん    
Gyoda Danchi 1-11 Goto  1-kkai Shukajo - Gyoda Danchi bus stop of the Keisei bus-line from JR’s Nishi-Funabashi Station 
  20) 4-25  (Tue)    東部公民館(とうぶこうみんかん)  −JRつだぬま えき
           Tobu Kominkan  -  JR’s Tsudanuma Statio
  21) 4-25  (Tue)  三山小学校(みやま しょうがっこう)  JRつだぬま えき から けいせいバス しえいじゅうたく
Miyama Primary School Shiei Jutaku bus stop of Keisei bus-line from JR’s Tsudanuma Station 
  22) 4-26  (Wed)   夏見公民館(なつみ こうみんかん) −ふなばしえき きたぐち より しんけいせいバス にけんや
Natsumi Kominkan  -  Nikenya bus stop of the Shin-Keisei bus-line from North Exit of  JR’s Funabashi Station. 
  23) 4-26  (Wed)  八木が谷公民館(やぎがや こうみんかん)- しんけいせい みさきえき
Yagigaya Kominkan - Shin-Keisei’s Misaki Station
  24) 4-26  (Wed) 緑台町会会館(みどりだい ちょうかい かいかん) しんけいせいバス たかね しょうがっこうまえ
Midoridai Chokai Kaikan  -  Takane Shogakko-mae bus stop of the Shin-Keisei bus-line from North exit of JR’s Funabashi Station 
  25) 4-27 (Thu)    (1)とおなじ。 Same as (1)


For further information, please call Kenko-Kanri-KaHealth-care Section : Tel. 047- 436-2414 Section (in Japanese only) , or International Relations Section Tel. 047-436-2083,  both in Funabashi City Hall.