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Let’s use train.



Japanese Train is proud of one of the world’s leading great network and precise operation time. In Funabashi area, there are Sobu Line, Sobu Express Line and Keiyo Line of JR East, and Keisei Line and Tobu Noda Line of private railways.  So please visit at various places by using Eco-friendly train by all means.

 How to ride a train itself is not difficult, but it might be deferent from it in your mother country.  So please try it first with the attendance of a person who knows well.  And if you have something not to know, please not hesitate to ask a station staff.

. Buy a ticket

To check the price to the destination by the route map exhibited over Automatic Ticket Vending Machine and then buy a ticket at this Machine.

For your reference, the price from JR Funabashi Station to the typical stations as follows:

    Kinshi-cho and Chiba : 290 Yen

    Tokyo and Akihabara : 380 Yen

    Shinjuku : 540 Yen

    Narita Airport : 950 Yen

Furthermore primary school children are half priced.  After select a display of a child, buy a ticket at Automatic Ticket Vending Machine.  Preschool toddlers are free of charge up to 2 toddlers.

. Pass through Automatic Ticket Gate

Insert your ticket to the ticket hole located on the upper part of front part of Automatic Ticket Gate then not forget picking up your ticket out from its upper part.

. Take the train at the departure platform

Please do not make mistake because the departure platform is different depending on the destination.  Showing examples about JR Funabashi station as follows:

   No.1 Train track : Sobu line

          for Kinshi-cho & Shinjuku

   No.2 Train track : Sobu line

          for Chiba

   No.3 Train track : Sobu Express line

          for Tokyo & Yokohama

   No.4 Train track : Sobu Express line

          for Chiba & Narita Airport

  The inside of train is non-smoking and do not speak on a mobile phone there.

. Get off the train at the objective station and pass through Automatic Ticket Gate

Get off the train at the objective station.  You can hear the announcement about next stop in the train.  In most cases, this announcement is done only in Japanese so please be careful.

Insert your ticket to the ticket hole located on the upper part of front part of Automatic Ticket Gate at the objective station.  If your ticket is proper, the Automatic Ticket Gate is open then you pass through it.  If the price of your ticket is not sufficient, the gate is not open so please pay up the difference on your ticket at Automatic Adjustment Machine by Automatic Ticket Gate.  You get a new ticket by which you can pass through Automatic Ticket Gate.

You arrive at the destination.  Please enjoy your first town and street.

Furthermore the case of long distance like Kyoto and Osaka, you can not buy ticket at the same Automatic Ticket Vending Machine, so please buy a ticket at “Green Window (Japan Railway ticket reservation corner)” or Automatic Ticket Vending Machine dedicated long distance.

船橋市国際交流協会   船橋市湊町2丁目10番25号  TEL:047-436-2083  FAX:047-436-2089