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Financial assistance to the children’s medical expenses


Funabashi City is providing partial financial assistance to your children’s medical expenses.

How to get the assistance

If you have children who are in or under junior high school, you can apply to have an entitled medical ticket called Jukyu-ken, which can be used for the medical subsidies of Funabashi city. When your children receive health care treatment at hospitals and other medical institutions, they should be covered by medical health insurance (i.e. the services provided by the Japanese health insurance system). Apply to Children and Families Section of the City Office, or other places mentioned below with your personal seal (Hanko) and a copy of your child(ren)’s health insurance card. If you were not a Funabashi citizen by January 1, 2013, you will need (1) both copies of the immigration record and the picture page of your passport or (2) an inhabitant taxation certificate of another area. Two weeks after you presented all the necessary documents, you will receive Jukyu-ken, if you meet the necessary requirements. If you move from another area in Chiba prefecture, you can use Jukyu-ken of Funabashi City starting from the first day of the next month.

At the reception of the hospitals or medical institutions in Chiba prefecture, present your health insurance card and Jukyu-ken. Jukyu-ken enables you to pay less than the actual cost of your child’s medical expenses. It makes medicine free at pharmacies.  Whenever you pay the medical expenses, you need both the Jukyu-ken and health insurance card.

How to get refund of your children’s medical expenses

If your child could not use Jukyu-ken at the hospital outside of Chiba prefecture, try to get a refund at the City Office. You may be able to get back a part of the expenses. This refund system is called Shokan-barai.  You will need your personal seal (Hanko), original receipts, a copy of your child’s health insurance card, your bankbook (or whatever shows your account numbers and your name) and Jukyu-ken so that you may get a refund.

Where you can get Jukyu-ken and refund

Apply at Children and families Section of City Office, General Service Center in front of Funabashi Station (FACE Bldg.), Branch Offices and Liaison Offices.  For more information, please call Jido-josei-gakari, Jido-katei-ka at 047-436-2316

船橋市国際交流協会   船橋市湊町2丁目10番25号  TEL:047-436-2083  FAX:047-436-2089