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Recent topics about vaccination



. Let’s have Vaccination

The resistance to disease, which a mother presents to her baby, is lost after time passes.  So Baby himself/herself must make immunity in order not to fall ill.  The vaccination can help it.

Three topics about recent Vaccination are informed as follows.  For further details, you must contact Kenko Zoshin Ka (Health Promotion Section, Tel 436-2415) of Funabashi City Hall.

Please enjoy healthy days by proper Vaccination.

. Rubella

Child, who is 1 year old and preschooler, must have Vaccination twice against this disease with free of charge. Still this disease is recently prevalent across the country.

If a pregnant Female falls this disease at early stage of pregnancy, there is possibility that Baby with disabilities might be born.

Funabashi City supports a part of Vaccination expense against Rubella to the following persons.

 A person between a) or b) who is applicable to the following to :

a)  Female who plans or hopes pregnancy

b)  Husband of a pregnant woman including a father of an embryo/a fetus

      A person who has not fallen Rubella

      A person who has not had Vaccination against Rubella

      A person who has not sufficient antibody against Rubella

However Mother, who is diagnosed to have sufficient antibody by the medical examination, is not a person to be supported.

Mother is needed to be a Funabashi Citizen, who completed Resident Registration at Funabashi City, when she has Vaccination.

 The application should be until Oct. 31st.

For further detailed information, please ask to Kenko Zoshin Ka (Health Promotion Section, Tel 436-2415) of Funabashi City Hall.

. Cervical Cancer

As the cancer which only Female falls, this cancer shows high incidence rate next to Breast Cancer. 

 Especially as Cancer for Female from 20s to 30s, the incidence rate has been increased

In Japan, 9,747 Females fell this cancer in 2008 and 2,737 Females died in 2011.

There are 2 types of Vaccines.  For the sufficient effect, Girl must have the same vaccine 3 times.

In Funabashi City, Girl from six-grade in elementary school to first-grade in high school can have Vaccination with free of charge in this fiscal year.

. Tuberculosis

BCG inoculation is done as Vaccination for this disease,

 Vaccination has been free of charge for under 6 months old Child until now, but this free term is extended to under 1 year old Child.

 Please do not forget Vaccination.

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