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Be careful of accidents involving water


Many people in Japan have high expectations for the Olympic swimmers going to London. However, during the summer, there are numerous accidents in pools and sea.

Funabashi City has a port, and people can enjoy fishing. Even after the shellfish-gathering season is over, people can go swimming at the beach of Funabashi Sanbanze. In addition to the heated pool at Funabashi Arena that is open all year round, there are pools at Undo Koen (Physical Educational Facilities) that open in mid-July. During the summer vacation, people can swim in the elementary school pools as well.

Preventing accidents involving water:

In order to prevent accidents from happening, you should be careful with the following things when you swim.

      Be watchful of small children.

      Follow the directions given by the lifeguards.

      Before swimming, get a good night’s sleep. When tired, rest.

      Do not go in the water when drunk or hung over.

      Do not swim where swimming is prohibited.

      Be careful of rip currents (strong channel of water flowing seaward.)

      Do not go to the ocean in case of high waves or inclement weather.

What to do in case of an accident:

      Notify the others immediately.

      Call 119.

      Throw a flotation device or a large plastic bottle. You can also hold out a long stick.

      Do not swim over to help. This could lead to another accident.

      When the person is rescued, immediately give him first-aid treatment.

Be careful even at home:

The most frequent accident involving water for a child is in neither the ocean nor the pool. It is in the bathtub. Small children can drown in 10cm (4in) of water. When playing in a bathtub or an inflatable pool, make sure that there is always an adult supervising. DO NOT let the children play by themselves.  Furthermore, small children have a tendency to look in the bathtub out of curiosity. Make sure to drain the tub and lock the bathroom door. Before letting the children play in the water, be prepared for the worst.

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