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National Health Insurance and Overseas Medical Expenses


National Health Insurance (Kokumin Kenko Hoken) is a government-sponsored health insurance for those, including their dependent family members, who do not join the employees‘ health insurance at their workplace, like the self-employed, students, etc. Foreign residents living in Japan for one year or longer are highly recommended to join this insurance in the event of expensive medical expenses caused by serious illness/injuries. And the insured of National Health Insurance paying its premiums can, subject to a claim approved, also be reimbursed a part of the medical expenses paid overseas.

Procedures and notes

1)   First, you have to pay the full amount of the medical expenses.

2)   Do not fail to obtain Form A, and Form B or Receipt (Dental) instead in case of dental treatment, stipulated by the related law, duly completed by the physician or dentist with his/her signature.  

3)   Also get the receipts of the relative medical bills .

4)   After returning home, a claim for reimbursement should be submitted to the National Health Insurance Section (Kokumin Kenko Hoken-ka) of the City Office together with the above-mentioned Form A, Form B or Form (Dental), their Japanese translations, the receipts, and other required documents.

5)   Your claim is scrutinized at the relevant institution, and the reimbursement is made in the approved amount, with a possibility of zero reimbursement.

6)   You are recommended to take with you the blank forms of A, B, and RECEIPT (DENTAL) by obtaining them at the City Office beforehand .

7)   Benefits are available only on the diseases/injuries and to the extent to be covered by the National Health Insurance.

8)   Reimbursement is not the full amount you paid. A designated percentage of it should be personally-born.

9)   No expenses are covered when the purpose of the trip is to receive medical treatment.

10)  It is a good idea to buy commercial overseas travel insurance, as the medical expenses vary depending on countries and medical institutions.

11)  For further details, visit the National Health Insurance Section of the City Office.

As to overseas medical expenses covered by an employees’ health insurance, contact the person in charge of health insurance at your workplace.

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