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Cherry Blossoms (Hanami)


The spring is the season for a cherry tree to bloom.  To enjoy a unique beautiful sight (to appreciate a large number of huge cherry-trees) has become an indispensable traditional event in Japan.

It seems that Hanami is defined by three elements of "flower-sea", "food and sake", "groups of people".  It started from the noble class of the Azuchi-momoyama era (1568 through 1600) with a gorgeous party,  but it was spread among the common people later in Edo(1603~1867) era.

 I think Hanami is a unique Japanese event in the world.  In my opinion, it is the unification of the nature and the spirit.

1, nature:  The Japanese cherry tree is a different kind in size and also in numbers compared with the other countries’,  The blooming from a small pink flower of one by one, connected to a huge tree and to the large numbers trees makes a special view.  A wide range of cherry-trees may impress you. It is not easy to express verbally the beautiful view. Especially the town is dyed with the shallow pink, and you can appreciate the scenery only in Japan.

 2, spirit:  Not the one, but the whole bloom is supported in Japan. Hanami becomes the indispensable event as a newcomers’ welcome party in a company or a university circle now. Through the food and Japanese Sake, people make communication with each other.  Like the famous song ---“What kind of tree is this” The tree is to gather people around. The best beautiful blooming is not a single flower-blooming but the whole.  It is deeply described in the Japanese culture of the group-spirit.

 My favorite Hanami-spot was around Chidoriga-fuchi in Chiyoda-ku Tokyo visited several years ago. You can walk and feel the surroundings totally in the sea of cherry-blossoms. What an amazing flower paridise!  Or to experience Edo culture can enjoy the route of both sides blooming of Sumida River by a cruise from Asakusa.  Please confirm the internet for the details.

From my experience, the taste of Sake is so nice due to combining the good smell of cherry-blossoms and the happy-atmosphere.  You will be excited with rich impression and romantic feeling. You will keep the good memory for all your life, so you d better join Hanami once at least, I promise that you will never regret.

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