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2The Event Calendar Funabashi
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The Event Calendar Funabashi



Succor Club of Funabashi Municipal High School

On January 9, the final game of All Japan senior high school succor tournament was held and Funabashi High School defeated Yokkaichi Chuo Kogyou by 2vs 1, winning the  5th championship.

[ Admission Free Concert ]

♪ Lobby Concert ♪

On following Wednesdays from 12:20 to 12:50 on Ground Floor of the City Hall

☎  047-436-2894

April 18:  Violin Concert   

Violin Imai Noriko, Piano Tadano Natsuki

May16:               Wind Instruments Ensemble

Flute Takeshita Yoshiko, Clarinet Kiatahara Tamiko, Piano Oda Kanami

June 20 :             Piano Solo  Koshibe Tomoko

Chotto-yorimichi (a small Detour) Live Concert

On following Thursdays at Kirara Hall (6th floor of Face Bldg)

☎  047-423-7261

April 19:              Tokyo Rakutake Dan (Bamboo Band) Concert                                 ~Let Bamboo play~

                                               Performance begins at 15:00

May 17 :            Performance to be determined.

June 21 :            Performance to be determined.

[ Exhibitions ]

■ National Museum of Japanese History ■

 ~Scenes in and around Kyoto Screens and Genru Paintings~

March 27~ May 6 (Closed on April 2, 9, and 23)

Admissions:         Adults 830 yen, Sr. High School & College Students 450 yen

Access              5Minutes and 15minutes Bus Ride from Keisei Sakura and JR Sakura   Stations respectively

☎ 043-486-0123  For Further Information


■ Chiba City Museum of Art ■

~Soga Shohaku and Painters in Kyoto~

Paper Screens painted by Shohaku in 18th century and Other Paintings of Maruyama Ohkyo, Ito Jakuchu, Ike-no-Taiga and Yosa Buson are exhibited.

April 10~May20 (Closed on May 1 and 7)

Admissions:         Adults 1000 yen, College Students 700 yen, Others Free

Access:               5minutes walk from Yoshikawa Koen Station of Chiba Toshi Monorail station, or 10minutes walk from East Exit of Keisei Chiba Chuo Station

☎ 043-221-2311 For Further Information

[ Leisure ]

◎ Events at Andersen Park ◎


~April 1               11:00~  13:00~

Marching Parade by Houda Municipal Junior High School Brass Band

April 7                               11:00~  14:00~

Yosakoi Dance Performance by 3 Dancing Groups

April 7   8                         9:30~  

Green Market

                                                                      Sales of flowers and young plants

April 8                               9:30~  

Funabashi Specialty Products Market

 Shiohigari ( shellfish gathering) at Funabashi Sanbanze Kaihin Koen 

April 20~June 9


Take Keisei Bus heading for Funabashi Kaihin Koen at South Exit of JR Funabashi Station, Keisei Funabashi Station and Futamata Shinmachi Station and get off at the last Stop.

Admission Fee:

Adults (junior high school students and above) 420 yen, children 4 years old and above 210 yen.  To take gathered clams home additional fee of 60 yen is required.

Tidal Table for Saturday, Sunday and Holidays                  

April 21                               9:00~13:00                       

April 22                               9:30~13:30

May 3                                 7:00~11:00                       

May 4                                 7:30~11:30

May 5                                 8:00~12:00                       

May 6                                 9:00~13:00

May 19                               8:00~12:00                       

May 20                               8:30~12:00

May 26                               12:00~16:00                     

May27                                13:00~17:00

June 2                                7:00~11:00                       

June 3                                8:00~12:00

June 9                                12:00~16:00

For other days good for Shellfish gathering, call the following.

☎  047-437-2525

[ Shopping ]

◆ Funabashi Rakuichi( Lucky Market) ◆

9:00~11:30 on June 2 at Funabashi Chuo Oroshiuri Ichiba(central wholesale market)

☎  047-424-1151

Fresh vegetables and fruits, fish and processed food are directly sold.

船橋市国際交流協会   船橋市湊町2丁目10番25号  TEL:047-436-2083  FAX:047-436-2089