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1 Year Nickname of 2011 is “Usagi” (Rabbit)
2 Hoikuen entrance application for April 2011 made by January
3 Application for “Hokago Room” (After-school Child-care)       
4 How to Use Public Bicycle Parking Lots for a Year  
5 Event calendar
6 Year-end and New Year Habits of Japan
7 Funabashi Music Festival by Thousand Players, 2011
8Japanese Cooking
9 Japanese Expressions 
10 My experience with Japanese Habits 
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Hoikuen entrance application for April 2011 made by January

There are two kinds of nursery schools for children before schooling in Japan, Hoikuen(Nursery school) and Yochien(Kindergarten).

Yochien, almost all children can enter(aged 3 and above with some exception). Hoikuen, with longer nursery time, has conditions to enter. Admission age depends on each Hoikuen.

Your child needs to meet at least one of the conditions below.

      Both parents have permanent jobs.

      Guardians are unable to care the child due to a baby delivery or disease.

      Guardians are unable to care the child due to care of the sick for long time.

You can get an application form in Hoiku-ka (Nursery School Section) in the city office, Hoikuen, General service center (Face building), the branch offices, the liaison offices and Kosodate Shien Center(Nurturing Support Center). Submit the form and other necessary documents to Hoiku-ka (Nursery School Section) in the city office or Hoikuen. If you submit to Hoikuen, you should call the Hoikuen in advance.

In addition, you need to take your child with you because an interview is required.

Application should be made before the date below for the children who plan to enter Hoikuen in April of 2011.

Hoiku-ka (Nursery School Section) in the city office by January 31, 2011(Mon)

Mon. to Fri. 9:00 - 17:00. (Closed on public holiday)

Hoikuen by January 25, 2011(Tue)

Mon. to Fri. 9:00 - 17:00, Sat. 9:00 – 12:00 (Closed on public holiday)

The city will decide and inform to the admitted applicants at the beginning of March. The fee depends on family’s income of the previous year. The city will notify it in mid of April.

There are 27 municipal Hoikuen and 37 private Hoikuen, total 64 Hoikuen in the city now. The city will open 5 more Hoikuen in next April. For queries of application and others, call Hoiku-ka (Nursery School Section) in the city office.(tel.047-436-2330)

船橋市国際交流協会   船橋市湊町2丁目10番25号  TEL:047-436-2083  FAX:047-436-2089