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Jitsuin and ‘Inkan-toroku’


What is Jitsuin and how important were explained in the article of the last issue. When Jitsuin is necessary?

There is no regulation by law. But there are several examples as follows.

・  Rent a room / loan from a bank

・  Co-sign other’s contracts

・  Purchase / Sell / Disuse automobile

・  Purchase / Sell real estate

・  Establish a company

There may be other occasions when Jitsuin is necessary depending on contracts.

Jitsuin must be the Hanko registered with ‘Inkan-toroku’ at a local government office where the Hanko holder lives in. And ‘Inkan-toroku-shomeisyo’ (Jitsuin registration certification) which is issued at the government office should be attached when Jitsuin is used.

In case of Funabashi city’s Inkan-toroku, only the person who registers with alien registration and aged 15 and above can register. Registerable number of Hanko is only one and there are conditions as follows.

・  The name curved in Hanko should be whole or one of the name which is written in the alien registration card of Hanko’s holder.

・  The Hanko’s print should be in the square of 8mm – 25mm on a side

・  Not a rubber Hanko or a stamp type Hanko

・  The Hanko’s print should not be blurring and not have a lacking part.

A ready-made Hanko can be registered if it meets the conditions. As shops prepares few Hanko of foreigner’s names, talking to a Hanko maker and asking to make your Hanko is recommended.

There are a few ways for Inkan-toroku, the easiest way is that a Hanko holder goes to Koseki Jumin-ka, Funabashi Ekimae Sougou Madoguchi Center (FACE buld.), the branch office or the liaison office with a Hanko to be registered and the alien registration card(The Japanese passport or the Japanese driving license card is also possible). Application fee is 300 yen. Inkan-toroku-syomeisyo (Certificate fee is 300 yen.) can be issued quickly after Inkan-toroku is finished.

The further detail of Inkan-toroku, please call Koseki Jumin-ka (Family Registration & Residents Section) (047-436-2265.


船橋市国際交流協会   船橋市湊町2丁目10番25号  TEL:047-436-2083  FAX:047-436-2089