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What is eHankof?


eHankof is used instead of a signature in Japan, also called eInkanf or eInshof. It is made with ivory, stone, wood or other materials, and onefs full name, first name or family name is carved in it. In old era, Hanko was often used in the countries which has Chinese characters, but now it is@used in only Japan and South Korea. In Japan, several usages of Hanko were established as an institution in Meiji period.

Foreign residents in Japan need own Hanko sometime. For example when:

-          Open a new account in a bank. (Some banks not require.)

-          Rent a room

-          Buy expensive goods like a car.

-          Subscribe a mobile phone

-          Make a registration at the government office ex. Registration of marriage.

-          Establish a company.

Hanko has several types. Use suitable one depending on the situation.

@fMitome-inf or eSanmon-banf

The Hanko which is used in unimportant situations like receiving a package from a delivery service. Sometime a signature can be a substitute. Many people buy a ready-made Hanko at a shop as Mitome-in or Sanmon-ban. The meaning of Sanmon-ban is echeap and little value Hankof.


The Hanko which is used on opening a new account at a bank. Ginko-in should not be used for other purposes because anyone can withdraw money by using Ginko-in and a bankbook. You can also use a readymade Hanko as Ginko-in. But rubber type and self-inking type Hanko cannot be used.


The Hanko which is registered as Jitsu-in at the government office. It must be kept carefully and must be used only for the situations which requires Jitsu-in. It is recommended to ask a Hanko maker making an order-made Hanko instead of a readymade one for preventing making a fake and misusing.


 Three types of Hankos are required when a company is established. They are eDaihyosha-inf(Representative directorfs seal), eKaisha-Ginko-inf(Company bank seal) and eKaisha-Kaku-inf(Company square seal). They should be also made by a Hanko maker.

The important point on asking a Hanko maker to make an order-made Hanko is specifying @a purpose, Athe material(it influences the quality, looking and price) and Bcharacter typeface. Please talk to a Hanko maker and decide.

In addition, making an order-made Hanko takes a time. Please allow enough time for it.

We will explain about Jitsu-in and eInkan-tourokuf  in the next issue.

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