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The Event Calendar Funabashi 2010(July through September )

[ Admission Free Concerts ]

♪ Lobby Concerts ♪

On Following Wednesdays, from 12:20 to 12:50

on Ground Floor of The City Hall  ☎ 047- 436- 2894

July 21:                             Violin Performance

                                                                      Violin: R. Shibuya, Piano: M. Hisamatsu

Sept. 15:                            Percussion Trio

Vibraphone: M. Watabe, Marimba: S. Miyanosita, Drums: K. Hayashi

♪Chotto-yorimichi (a small Detour) Live Concert ♪

30 minutes from 18:30 and from 19:30

On following Thursday days at Kirara Hall (6th floor of Face Bldg.)☎ 047-423-7261

July 15:                “PAN CAKE LIVE”

〜Welcome to Superb Music〜

Steel Pan: Y. Harada, Accordion: Y. Ootsuka, Guitar: K. Obata

Aug. 19:                1st Session: 16:30〜

“Family Musical for Every One”

〜Emperor’s New Clothes〜

2nd Session: 18: 30〜

“Famous Melodies from Sound of Music”

Sept. 16:   ”Chikugen Bayasi” Melodies in September

Modern Japanese Style Music by collaboration of Japanese and Western Musical Instruments

♪ Sunday Concert ♪

On following Sundays at Chuo Kominkan Hall(6F). ☎ 047-434-5551

Performance starts at 14:00

Aug. 8:                 Funabashi Philharmonic Orchestra

Sept. 12: Funabashi Brass Band  

♪ 32nd Funabashi Elementary and Junior High Schools’ Summer Concert ♪

at Shimin Bunka Hall(Citizens’ Culture Hall) (2-2-5 Honcho)  ☎ 047-434-5555

July 21(Weds) : 10:00〜 

Instrumental Music by Junior High School Students

July 22(Thurs) : 10:00〜 

Instrumental Music by Elementary School Students

July 23(Fri)   : 10:00〜 

Chorus by Elementary and Junior High School Students     

★ Events at Kouminkan ★

Handicraft classes, sports meetings movie presentations are arranged by kominkan and childeren’s home for pre-school children and elementary school students during summer holidays.

For detailed information and date/time, please call the Kominkan in your vicinity.

[Leisure Activities]

■ Various Events at Funabashi Andersen Park ■

Admission Fee: Adults 900 yen, Sr. High School Students 600yen, Jr. High and Elementary School Students 200 yen, Pre-School Children 100 yen

☎ 047-457-6627

Transportation: Take Shin Keisei Bus from Shin Keisei Misaki Station or Shin Keisei Kita-Narashino Station or JR Funabashi Station, North Gate or Hokusou Railway Komuro Station.

《Events during Summer Holidays》

July 18(Sun) 10:00-12:00  Nature Observation Tour  “Life in Village Mountains”

(Park Live Stage)

July 18 (Sun)                      ①11:00~②13:00~: Flute Ensemble

July 24 (Sat)                       ①11:00~②13:00~: Band Live

July 31 (Sat)                       ①11:00~②13:00~:Harmonica Ensemble

Aug 7(Sat)                          ①11:00~②13:00~: Hula

Aug21(Sat)            ①11:00~②13:00~:Performance of Sinobue (Bamboo Clarinet)

Aug 29 (Sun)         ①11:00~〜②13:00~ : Mini Concert

☆ Sports ☆

Funbashi Sanbanze Kaihin Koen Swimming Pool

July 17 (Sat)〜Sept 5 (Sun),  9:00〜17:00


Senior High School Students and above: Yen 800

Elementary and Junior High School Students: Yen 400

Children (4 years old and above): Yen 200

■  Local Festival    “Hureai Matsuri”  ■


July 25 (Sun) 11:00 ~ 21:00

At Honchou, Miyamoto Dori, Ekimae Dori, Omatsuri Hiroba at North Exit of JR Funabashi Station


July 24 (Sat) and July 25 (Sun)

At JuJu Hiroba and Narashinodai Hokousha Tengoku


July 23 (Fri), July 24 (Sat) and July 25 (Sun)

At Nakayama Shopping Street Hokousha Tengoku


July 24 (Sat) and July 25 (Sun)

At Street to Futawamukodai Station

■ Fireworks Display ■

Date/Time            : July 28 (Weds), 19:30〜20:30

Postponed to July 29 (Thus) in case of bad weather.

1.     Fireworks are shot in Funabashi Fishing Port

2.     Viewing Spot  : Funabashi Port Shinsui Park, Funabashi Fishing Port and its Vicinity.

3.     Time Schedule

19:30                            : Opening Speech

19:40                            : Start Shooting Fireworks

4. Total 6,000 fireworks displayed

[ Shopping ]

◆ Funabashi Rakuichi  (Lucky Market) ◆

On September 4 (Saturday) from 9:00 to 11:30 at Funabashi Chuo Oroshiuri Ichiba (central wholesale market), fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and processed food are sold directly.

☎ 047-424-1151

船橋市国際交流協会   船橋市湊町2丁目10番25号  TEL:047-436-2083  FAX:047-436-2089