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Japanese Expressions@@~ Daily Greeting@~


One ordinary day of a housekeeper

Letfs take a look at some daily greetings and expressions she says.

1.      Itfs morning, a fine day. Now her family is going out.

They say gIttemairimasu.hor gIttekimasu.h(Good bye.)

She replies gItterasshai.h(See you. Have a nice day.)



2.      She sees one of her neighbors at the garbage station.

She says gOhayo gozaimasu.Ii otennki desuneh(Good morning. It is a fine day, isnft it?)

The neighbor answersgOhayo gozaimasu. Sodesune.h (Good morning. Indeed.)

3.      On the way shopping, she sees one of acquaintances. They haven‛t seen each other for a long time.

She saysgKonnichiwa, shibaraku desu.h(Hello, long time no see.)

The acquaintance answers Konnichiwa, hontoni.h(Hello, indeed.)



4.      She visits her friendfs house in the afternoon.

She says gGomenkudasai.h(Hello.)

Her friend says gIrasshai. ( Hello. or How nice of you to come) Please come in.h

She says gOjamashimasu.h( Thank you.)

They enjoy talking. But itfs already time for her children to come home from school.

She says gSoro soro shitsurei shimasu.h(It‛s almost time to leave now.)

At the door.

She says gTotemo tanoshikatta desu. Domo arigato gozaimashita.h (It was very enjoyable. Thank you very much for everything.)

Her friend answers Do itashimashite. Mata kite kudasaine.h (Youfre welcome. Please come again.)

5.      There is a Kairanban (an area note) in her house.

She takes it to the next door neighbor with her.

She says Konbanwa. Kairanban desu. (Good evening, this is a Kairanban.) Yoroshiku onegai shimasu. (It means please pass it to your next door neighbor after reading it.)h

The neighbor says gArigato gozaimasu.h (Thank you.)


6.      Her family come home in the evening.

He or she says Tadaima.h( Ifm home.)

She replies Okaerinasai.h( Nice back.)



7.      Supper begins.

Before starting to eat, they say Itadakimasu.h(It means wefll eat thankfully.)

After finishing it, they say Gochisosama.h(It means thank you for this fine meal.)


8.      Now the day is over. Itfs time to go to bed.

He or she says Oyasuminasai.h(Good night.)

She also says Oyasuminasai.h(Good night. Have a nice dream.)





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