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How to get a Japanese driverfs license based
on a foreign license?


There are several ways that a foreigner drives a car in Japan.

@ Driving with an international driverfs license

A Driving with a foreign driverfs license (License of Germany, France and Switzerland only. Just in one year from the date of entry into Japan.)

B Getting a Japanese driverfs license based on a foreign license.

C Getting a driverfs license as Japanese do.


Explaining about B this time. Let us check one by one in case of having your local driverfs license.


All of conditions as follows are necessary to get a Japanese license.

-          Having a foreigner registration and 18 years old or above (in case of Futsu-menkyo)

-          Your foreign driverfs license is still valid.

-          After getting a license, staying more than three months in the country where you got the license. (Not necessarily continuous stay.)

-          Having passports of the date through when you got a driverfs license till now or having the document which proves more than three months stay in the country where you got the license.


The person who meets all conditions may not be able to apply to get a license depending on the country or the situation. First of all, (1) Go to the Driverfs License Center@for prior check. The documents to bring are eForeign driverfs licensef, eAlien registration cardf and ePassports of the date through when you got a driverfs license till now or the document which proves more than three months stay in the country where you got the licensef. (Mon. – Fri. except holidays 9:30 – 11:00) You will know whether you can apply to get a license or about the documents required. It is necessary to take a Japanese speaker with you if you are not good in speaking Japanese.


Knowledge check (Examination) can be taken by several languages other than Japanese. You can ask whether you take an exam by the language you are good at.


Now you make an application. But an application is not able to submit on the same day. (2) Submit to the Driverfs License Center at a later date after preparing required documents and its fee. If you pass the Document check, (3) Knowledge check(Examination) is next. You should answer the questions about the road traffic rule. You can pass it if you study properly.


After passing Knowledge check (Examination), you will take (4) Physical check which checks your eyes and ears. If you pass it, you can (5) make a reservation of Driving skill check.


Finally, (6) Driving skill check (Examination). You drive a car. Unfortunately you can not take the exam in any other languages than Japanese. The exam is difficult and few people can pass at one time. They say that you should practice somewhere (ex. driving school) before taking the exam. If you can pass it, your (7) Driverfs license is issued on the same day.


You need to go to the Driverfs License Center at least three times for ePrior checkf, eApplication/Knowledge check/Physical checkf and eDriving skill checkf. But please cheer up yourself and get your Japanese driverfs license.


*Knowledge check and Driving skill check are not required for the license holders of the following countries and an area;

Iceland, Ireland, England, Italy, Austria, Australia, Netherland, Canada, South Korea, Greece, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Czech, Denmark, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Finland, France, Belgium, Portugal, Luxembourg and Taiwan.


For further detail, call the Driverfs License Center (Chiba Unten Menkyo Center) tel: 043-274-2000(ext. 335/336)


船橋市国際交流協会   船橋市湊町2丁目10番25号  TEL:047-436-2083  FAX:047-436-2089