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Mori Building in Shanghai


Long expected Mori Building (SWFC), located in Fu Dong New District, was completed on August 31, and the SWFC Observatory opened to the public on September 5, 2008.

If you have a look at it far from the building, it looks like a beer bottle opener, standing straight on the ground with cloud around the top. When we reach the top and viewed the earth, it was really astonishing.

First, the height: It is 101 floored and 492m high. So far it is the highest building in the world. From 97F to 100F there is a large square hole, so that the top part becomes an air corridor.

The second, the speed, it took us about 1 minute by elevator to reach the 100F top. I felt a little bit awful on my ears.

The third, a little bit frightened. gThe Sky Walk 100h, located 474m above ground, spanning 55m, with three transparent glass –walled walkways, is the worldfs highest observatory.

From the view of a birdfs eye, the TV Tower and the Jin Mao Building, which were once to be the highest points, seemed smaller and lower. Walking on the glass floor, I felt terrible and walked just like an astronaut in outer space.

The artistic night view is so beautiful. From the highest point to have a look, we can see Shanghai lies at our feet with glittering lights everywhere.

The ships, decorated with colorful lights, go back and forth in Huang-Pu River, just like a lot of moving huts.

To the top gSky Walk 100h costs 150 RMB (about 2,400yen).  From B2F to 3F there are some shopping centers. From 3F to 5F there are some meeting halls. And from 7F to 77F business offices are being rented. From 79F to 93F a high level hotel will be settled.

In the entrance area on Floor B1 displays a work of LED art, designed for this facility by famous Japanese multi-media artist Taohio Iwai, which merges with the building and leads the visitors to a magical world.

Japanese technology is by far the best in the world. The developments of China not only depend on itself but also on the help of Japan and other developed countries.

Japan and China are close neighbors. From now on, we are looking forward to the further developments of the friendship between the two countries.@

This article was written by Mrs. HAN SEN@from China, a gYokoso to Funabashih editing volunteer.


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