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Sen-nin-no Ongakusai@2009

(Grand Music Festival for All Citizens )


Funabashi is a town where musical activities are very popular among the citizens.

We have two city-wide citizensf symphony orchestras: Funabashi Philharmonic Orchestra for adults, and Funabashi Junior Orchestra for students of 12 or over.

In addition, many schools - primary, junior and senior high -, companies and other groups are involved in a range of musical activities, including symphony orchestras, wind-section orchestras, choirs, jazz bands, and tango groups, often picking up awards in the respective contests.

There are also groups playing traditional Japanese musical instruments such as the Koto, Shamisen and Shakuhachi.

Sen-nin-no Ongakusai (Grand Music Festival For All Citizens) held at Funabashi  Arena in January or February every year, now involves over 2000 amateur players and singers and attracts an audience somewhere in the range of 3000, making it the largest musical event in Funabashi. 

The particularly impressive performance is its gGrand Finaleh with all players combining in one inspirational burst of musical expression.

Foreign residents here are strongly recommended to pay a visit to this event. It will   surely remain as one of your unforgettable experiences in Funabashi.

Day & Time February 8 (Sun) 13:00~ (Doors open at 12:00)
Place: Funabashi  Arena (Narashinodai 7-5-1 047-461-5611)
Fee Free of charge
Access: Nichidai Ma-e Sta. of the Toyo Kosoku Line (8 min. walk)
or Higashi-Keisatsusho Ma-e Bus Stop by Shin-Keisei Bus from Kita-Narashino Sta. of the Toyo Kosoku Line/Shin-Keisei Line (5 min. walk)

Funabashi International Relations Association@  Minato-cho 2-10-25, Funabashi City@@TELF047-436-2083@@FAXF047-436-2089