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2009 Year Nickname gCattleh
The Event Calendar
First Prayer at Asakusa Kannon
Grand Musical Festival by 1000 players
Mori Building in Shanghai
Aplication for Bicycle Parking Lots
Application for gHokagoh Room
08/09 Holiday Season Public Services
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The Event Calendar of Funabashi 2009

January through March


L Admission Free Concerts
Lobby Concerts

at the City Hall 1F Lobby047-436-2894


Hogaku (Traditional Japanese Music)h


gAcoustic Bandh





gPiano Soloh

Chotto-yorimichi (a small detour) Live Concert at Kirara Hall (FACE bldg.6F)@☎047-423-7261


gKeisuke Torigoefs Special Session Liveh


gTsugaru Shamisen PerformanceiJapanese traditional stringed instrumentjh


hClassic A Cappella de meikyoku wo kiku (listening to famous works of classical music a cappella)h

gYume wo Hagukumu Niji no Concert (rainbow concert harboring your dream)h

3/14 (Sat) 13:00~

at Shimin Bunka Hall (citizensf culture hall)

 (Honcho 2-2-5) 047-434-5555

This is a musical concert performed by elementary, junior high and high school students in Funabashi, who had participated in musical competitions as representatives of Chiba Prefecture. Letfs enjoy their fantastic performances!
gSenfnin no Ongaku-sai 2009(Grand Music Festival )h

2/8 (Sun) 13:00~

at Funabashi Arena (Narashinodai 7-5-1) 047-461-5611

This is a big musical event in Funabashi. For further information, please refer to the related article in this paper.
Sunday Concerts: at Chuo Kominkan (2-2-5 Honcho) 047-434-5551
The followings are free concerts, but you will need an admission ticket. Get the ticket by making a reservation by phone. Reservation is available from 12/15 for 1/18fs concert and from 2/15 for 3/8fs concert. Up to150 people for each concert.

1/18 (Sun),
3/8 (Sun),

gFunabashi Junior Orchestrah
gFunabashi Philharmonic Orchestrah

Citizen groups will perform classical music, pops, wind-instrument music and etc.
L Leisure Activities
gFunabashi Happy Saturdayh  

On every third Saturday

On every third Saturday, your neighboring kominkan (community center) provides diverse sports & cultural activities for children to enjoy.

Ice Skating at Funabashi Undo Koen (athletic park) (6-4-1 Natsumidai)

From January to early in March

you can enjoy ice skating at the ice rink in Undo Koen. For further information, such as admission fee and skates for rent, please call Funabashi Skate Kyokai (association) at 047-438-4360

gHoshi-wo-miru-kai (star-watching program)h
3/7 (Sat)


 at the municipal Planetarium  (834 Azumacho) 

Admission free; No age limits; Up to 100 citizens. Reservation is required: from 2/15(Sun) from 9:00 at ( 047-422-7732
L Cultural & Traditional Events
Kagura (sacred songs and dancing held at shrines)

The Kagura performed at the following shrines are Japanese traditional folk arts inherited by ujiko (people under the protection of the local deity) and local people.

These are Funabashifs Intangible Cultural Asset.

1/1 (Thur. Holiday)
@11:00~; A14:00~

at Funabashi Daijingu (5-2-1 Miyamoto)

1/1 (Thur. Holiday)

at Takanecho Shimmei-sha (600 Takanecho)

1/3 (Sat)

at Funabashi Daijingu (5-2-1 Miyamoto)

1/7 (Wed)

at Hasamacho Omiya-jinja (2-843 Hasamacho)

1/15 (Thurs) @13:00~;

at Ninomiya-jinja (5-20-1 Miyama)

2/3 (Tue)

 This the day before risshun (the first day of spring by the lunar calendar). People scatter parched beans at home shouting gOut with the demon and in with fortune!h Bean scattering ceremonies are held at large shrines and temples inviting many participants and visitors.
gNakanogi no Tsujikirih  

2/6 (Fri. Hatsu-uma (the first Horse Day in February)

 at Yasaka Shrine (1-12-1 Nakanogi): A large snake figure made of rice straw, paper and branches is decorated at the former gate of Nakanogi Village, in order that evil spirits and plagues would not come into their community. It is an important folk event designated as Funabashifs Intangible Cultural Heritage.
gDaibutsu Tsuizen Kuyo (A memorial service held in front of the statue of Buddha)h

2/28 (Sat)

 at Fudoin (3-4-6 Honcho): This service is held for fishermen who saved the Funabashifs sea. It is a rare event started in 1825, and it is designated as Funabashifs Intangible Cultural Heritage.
gHinamatsuri (The Girlsf Festival)h

3/3 (Tue)

  This event is celebrated at each home wishing girlsf sound growth and happiness. If you have a daughter or daughters, you decorate dolls special for the Girlsf Day along with peach blossoms, hishimochi (red, green and white rice cakes cut in lozenges) and shirozake (sweet white sake).
International Exchange Program
New Year Party 2009  

2/15 (Sun)

At Chuo Kominkan 6F (2-2-5 Honcho)

This event will be held to deepen friendship with foreign residents of Funabashi while celebrating a new year together: chatting and enjoying fun events such as introduction of native costumes of different countries, Speech in Japanese by foreign residents, fun lottery and etc..

Participation fee: \500, up to 120 participants: Please make a reservation at Kokusai-koryushitsu (International relations section) at the City Hall 047-436-2083
L Shopping

3/7 (Sat)

Funabashi Chuo-oroshiuri-ichiba (central wholesale market) will sell fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, and processed foods directly to Funabashi citizens.
L Others

1/1 (Thur. Holiday)

gGantan (New Yearfs Day)h

We celebrate the New Year eating osechi (customary dishes) and zoni (rice cakes boiled with vegetables).Many people visit shrines and temples for the first time of the year( hastumode). For further information on hatsumode, please refer to the related article in this paper.

1/10 (Sat)

 gShobo Dezome-shiki (fire fightersf New Yearfs ceremony) at Funabashi Arena (7-5-1 Narashinodai): After a ceremony, from 10:35, you will enjoy exciting programs: acrobatic performances on a ladder, musical performances by brass bands, a Japanese drum groups, and fife and drum corps. The program will end with masterful hosing from fire engines.

1/12 (Mon. Holiday)

Seijin-shiki (Coming-of-Age Ceremony) at Shimin Bunka Hall (citizensf culture hall) (2-2-5 Honcho) 047-434-5555: About 5,600 young people reach the age of twenty during the course of academic year 2008. (from April 2, 2008 to April 1, 2009). This ceremony will be carried out by volunteers, who belong to new adults themselves.

Funabashi International Relations Association@  Minato-cho 2-10-25, Funabashi City@@TELF047-436-2083@@FAXF047-436-2089