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2009 Year Nickname gCattleh
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Year Nickname of 2009 is gUshi h (Cattle )

2009 hits the animal indication of gCattleh.

Among the old lunar calendar that was brought into Japan from China in mid-6th century, the classification system of gJunishih was applied to every historical year that is represented by 12 kinds of animals individually. 

2009 corresponds to the second turn animal of gCattleh.

The fixed order of animals consists of Rat, Cattle, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Boar. 

According to a fairy tale, when God called up animals to get together for the new year celebration, cattle arrived the meeting place earlier than others for fear of his slow walking speed. 

Rat stayed on the back of cattle and jumped off toward God appearing as the top animal to see God.  This is why rat was ranked as the first year animal. 

Why cat was not included?  When cat asked rat about the meeting date, rat intentionally told a wrong day to cat, so that cat could not join the group.  Ever since that time, cats chase rats all the time.

People born in the Cattle year are said to be fair-minded, hard-working and oriented to prosperous family. 

We often ask others, gWhat year were you born in?h, as every year has its own feature.  Then, reply will be gCattle yearh, for instance. 

The animal shape of a new year is usually printed in the gNengajoh, mail card for new year greetings.


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