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Debbie-sanfs Question Box 12

Marriage is an important event for anyone, no matter which country he or she belongs to. Do you know how Japanese find a partner and get married?

Many Japanese find a partner by themselves, but the one who cannot find by oneself has other ideas where are gOmiaih and gGoing to a marriage agencyh. Omiai is a matching system which each of two singles sends and receives photos and data each other through a matching maker@(called gNakodoh sometime). If both of them like each other, they meet face to face and start going out together. A marriage agency is the place where the person who wants to find a partner registers his or her information (i.e. background, hobby.) and receives introductions of candidates.

Dating nicely, marriage comes next. There are many types of marriage in Japan. The simplest one is registering to a local government office. It is a legal marriage. Most couples have a wedding ceremony and a wedding party together.


At a wedding ceremony, a couple has a wedding vow in front of their families and close friends. There are many types: Christianity type (Chapel type), Shinto type, Buddhism type, Non religious type and so on. You may think that many Japanese have Buddhism type because of their religion, but it is rare. In some cases a type of wedding ceremony is chosen by a couplefs religion, but in most cases chosen by just a couplefs taste.

Wedding party is that a new couple is introduced to invited friends and colleagues who do not attend the ceremony. Feast and drinks are served@and episodes of a bride and a bloom are marked. The party is more cheerful and exiting.

If you are invited to a wedding party, you are expected to bring gGoshugih with you. In this case, Goshugi is a wedding gift to be given to a couple. Commonly money is appropriate in Japan.

In old days like Edo period, many people used to have both the wedding ceremony and the party at home, but now most of people have them off the house. In addition, many spend much money for the ceremony and the party. Weddings have become a big industry called a bridal industry. For example, hotels provide chapels for wedding ceremonies in the facility. New companies@which commercially plan and perform the@wedding ceremonies and the parties have appeared.

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