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Summer Season in Japan is hot and humid, so the food gets easily spoiled, making food poisoning something of a risk. So letfs take these three simple preventative measures to avoid this problem and enjoy this summer season in good health.

  1. Avoid contact with bacteria

    Wash raw vegetables and seafood thoroughly with running water, and also always wash your hands before cooking and eating.


  2. Avoid the spread of bacteria


    Buy perishable food at the end of your shopping, go home quickly and put it in the refrigerator or freezer as soon as possible.  Keep the fridge temperature at below 10c and the freezer temperature at |15c.


  3. Neutralize bacteria

    Cook all food thoroughly, as most bacteria cannot survive under a high temperature.  Keep the cooking utensils clean, especially knives and cutting boards by sterilizing them with bleach or boiling water.

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