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From summer to autumn typhoon often visits Japan. Please be careful of common damage by heavy wind or rain.

What you should keep in mind always:

  1. Prepare your necessities such as a flashlight, drinking water, food that can be preserved, money, the medicine you always take, etc. so that you can take them out together. Sometimes power is cut off.

  2. See how to go to refuges close to your house. Primary or secondary schools and community centers are designated as refuges.

When typhoon approaches:

  1. Beware of the weather information on television, radio, internet, etc.

    gChuihoh or gkeihoh (warning) is announced when typhoon approaches or you should be careful of heavy rain or flood.

  2. Clear up goods can be blown by wind or fragile one, such as flowerpots, wash-line poles on the balcony so on.

For details, please ask gBosai kah (Department of Disaster Prevention) in the City Hall.(047-436-2032j

Funabashi International Relations Association@  Minato-cho 2-10-25, Funabashi City@@TELF047-436-2083@@FAXF047-436-2089