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California Roll is NOT Sushi?
(How to eat Nigiri-zushi deliciously)


There are few foreigners who donft know California Roll. Actually it is not Sushi of Japan. It is an American dish in order for

American people who hardly eat raw fish to eat Sushi. Japanese traditional Sushi restaurants donft serve it.

There are two main types of Sushi, Oshi-zushi (Kannsai-zushi) and Nigiri-zushi (Edomae-zushi).

Oshi-zushi was born in western Japan and it is mostly made with processed fish. Nigiri-zushi was born in eastern and it is mainly made with raw fish. It should be Nigiri-zushi that foreigners think of gSushih.

Foreign residents should eat authentic Sushi, particularly Nigiri-zushi because staying in Japan is a good opportunity for tasting Sushi.

If it is difficult for you to eat raw fish, you can choose non raw fish Sushi(For example, boiled shrimp, egg and conger eel). And when you get used to eat raw fish, please try raw fish Sushi.

However, even if you can eat various Nigiri-zushi, tastes of them are spoiled without good method to eat.

Since Nigiri-zushi was originally plebeian food sold at a stall, there is no strict manner but some tips. Now let us show you how to eat Nigiri-zushi deliciously.

  1. No use chopsticks.

    You may feel how rude eating by fingers is. But Sushi rice(called gSharih )is easy to be crumbled if you use chopsticks because Nigiri-zushi is made by just pressing and shaping Shari by hands.

    As eating Nigiri-zushi by fingers is common, Sushi restaurants should serve Oshibori(wet towel) at the same time for wiping your fingers.

    The size of Nigiri-zushi is suitable for eating by fingers, too.@(Conversely Oshi-zushi is difficult to eat by fingers. Use chopsticks.j

  2. Do not put Wasabi into Shoyu.

    It is not necessary to apply Wasabi because Nigiri-zushi has Wasabi in it. But if you want more, put a little on the fish of Sushi(called gNetah) not into Shoyu.

    If you put Wasabi into Shoyu, flavors of both of them are spoiled

  3. Get a little Shoyu onto Neta

    Take Sushi and get Neta top a little touching Shoyu. Taste of Sushi becomes taste of Shoyu if you dip Shari or Neta into Shoyu.

  4. Keep refreshing your tongue.

    Continue eating rich taste Nigiri-zushi(e.c. fatty tuna, yellow tail) makes your tongue blunt and hard to taste next Sushi. You should refresh your tongue by eating Gari(Pickled and sliced ginger) or drinking green tea before eating next Sushi.

Try to eat Nigiri-zushi with these secrets and you may feel Sushi tastier.@
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