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L Admission-Free Concerts
Lo Concert City Hall 1F lobby 047-436-2894

gPiano soloh by M. Takeda


gFlute performanceh by K. Nakajima (flute) and K. Numajiri (piano)


gFour-hand performance on the pianoh by A. Mizumura and Y. Nishimura

The Small Detour, a live concert

Kirara Hall (FACE bldg. 6F) 047-423-7261

5/15 (Thurs)
6/19 (Thurs)

Saxophone/oboe/vocal performances are scheduled, though details yet to be decided.

Kagura (Sacred Shinto music and dance)

5/1 (Thurs)

gYokagurah; Shinmeisha Shrine (600 Takane-cho)

This is now designated as one of the Cityfs Intangible Folk Cultural Assets. Fantastic Japanese Shinto music/dances will be performed from evening till mid night. This gYokagurah has been succeeded by people of Takane-cho for 130 years.

To get there, take a bus for Funabashi Green Heights at North Exit Bus Terminal of JR Funabashi Sta. and get off at Akiba-Jinja.@
L Events at the H.C. Andersen Park
The H.C. Andersen Park surrounded by good-looking trees and plants, and provided with many facilities will be a wonderful place for children to play in.

4/1 (Thus) `5/6 (Holiday)  

gDenmark Fairh

During this period, many events will be held in the Park.

4/6 (Sun)
10:30`, 13:00

11:00`, 14:00`

gPerformances by the brass bandh

gChildrenfs play –A swan in the field- h

4/20 (Sun)

13:30`, 15:00`

gGreen Marketh

gMarionette performancesh

4/27 (Sun)
11:00`, 13:00`

gA concert at Meruhen no Oka –Performances by a lute and a recorder-h

4/29, 5/3, 5/5,
5/6 (Holiday)
11:00`, 13:00`, 15:00`

gInternational Street Performancesh

@@@@ 5/3, 5/4, 5/5(Holiday)
@@@@ 13:30`, 15:00`

gMarionette performancesh

5/5 (Holiday) 12:00`, 14:00`

gA concert at Meruhen no Oka –Performances of song standardsh

6/1, 6/29 (Sun) 13:30`, 15:00`

gMarionette performancesh

6/15 (Sun)
12:00`, 14:00`

gA concert at Meruhen no Oka –Performances by a panpipes and a guitar-g



4/3 (Thurs)


gSuijinsaih (The Festival for the Sea God); Funabashi Fishing Port (3 Minato-cho)047-431-2041

Kagura (sacred music/dance) will be performed on a ship at sea praying for safe-fishing operations and big catches. This event has been handed down from the Edo Era (1603~1868).
L Leisure

Beginning of April

gViewing the cherry blossomsh

Cherry blossoms in Tokyofs gChidorigafuchih, a well-known spot are detailed in a separate article. Besides, there are many cherry blossom viewing places in Funabashi.

4/17 (Thus)`6//22 (Sun)


gSeashell gatheringh; Sanbanze Kaihin Park (40 Shiomi-cho)

Shellfish gathering needs low tide. Therefore, check the tidal table by calling the park office, or by yourself.

Fee: \420 for junior high school students or older, \210 for 4 year old or older (up to primary school students). To take shellfish home, an additional fee of \ 60 per 100 gram is required.

Early in June


gViewing the glimmer of firefliesh; Firefliesf spot in Undo Koen (6-4-1Natsumidai)

You will enjoy the beautiful glimmer there in the evening. Call for details at 047-438-4461. It will be canceled on a rainy day.
L Culture and Tradition

Funabashi is well known as one of the music cities.@A number of primary, junior high and high schools have won prizes in music competitions. Music performances are made by many school/other amateur orchestras/bands at Kominkan and other places. Their schedules can be found in gKoho Funabashih, the Cityfs official gazette.

Why donft you enjoy their performances?

4/13 (Sun)

gPerformances of traditional Japanese folk songs/dancesh; Funabashi Citizensf Culture Hall (2-2-5 Honcho)047-434-5555

 These will be held by Funabashi citizen groups..

4/26 (Sat),
5/10 (Sat),
5/17 (Sat)

gStar-watching at a planetariumh; Planetarium House (834 Azumacho) 047-422-7732

You can enjoy watching Saturn,  star clusters, and@double star, etc. admission- free. Preschool children, elementary and junior high school students are required to accompany their guardians. 100 people only each time.@Reservations are required starting at 9:00 on 3/15 (Sat), 4/15 (Tue), 4/15 (Tue) respectively


5/5 (Holiday)

Childrenfs Day

Originally, it was called Iris Festival, celebrating boysf growth and praying for their future health and well-being. On this day, families with boys display samurai dolls in their home or fly carp streamers outdoors. We also take baths scented with iris leaves and eat traditional Japanese confectionery wrapped in an oak leave.

While,@Dollsf Festival for girls is held on March 3rd.

5/11 (Sun)

gFriendly gathering of boys and girlsh; Undo Koen (6-4-1 Natsumidai)

You will enjoy haunted house visits, baseball class, mini-SL and other events.  Admission is free.


L Shopping

@@@@4/11 (Fri)`13 (Sun)

gA jumbo market of the greenery and flowersh; Amanuma Benten Ike Park (near the North Exit of JR Funabashi Sta.)

Garden plants, flowers, foliage plants, seeds and fertilizers will be sold.

6/7 (Sat)

gFunabashi Raku Ichi (Open house of Central Wholesale Market to the Citizens)h; Funabashi Central Wholesale Market (1-8 Ichiba) 047-424-1151

Fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and processed foods will be sold directly to the citizens.
L Others

4/5 (Sat)

gNational Traffic Safety Festivalh; Shopping Street outside Kitanarashino Station of Shinkeisei Line or Toyo Rapid Railway Line.       

Riding on a police motorcycle/patrol car or a ladder truck, and anti-accident training are available. Furthermore, wind music will be performed by junior high school students.

At the beginning of April


entrance ceremonies are held at schools and companies.




April is the month for gAnti-Polio Vaccinationh. Funabashi City extends free anti-polio vaccination services to kids of 3 month to 7-1/2 years, who are citizens or   got through foreigner-registration in the city. There are 25 locations to choose from. For further details, call Kenko Zoshin-ka at 047-436-2415.

@@@@5/3 (Sat)`5/6 (Tue)

gGolden Weekh

Many salaried workers are looking forward to Golden Week to enjoy themselves with their families. However, they can get only four successive holidays in this year.

6/7 (Sat)

gFunabashi Environmental Fairh; Central Kominkan (2-2-5 Honcho)

The environmental conservation activities will be introduced by various groups. You can study much about environmental problems.

@@@@6/16 (Mon)`6/27 (Fri)

gThe Environmental Panel Exhibitionh; City Hall 1F Lobby 047-436-2454

The related activities will be exhibited by panels.


Funabashi International Relations Association@  Minato-cho 2-10-25, Funabashi City@@TELF047-436-2083@@FAXF047-436-2089