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Application for gHokago Roomh(After-school Child-care)
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Hokago Rooms (After-school Child-care) are facilities for children of grade 1-3 (also grade 4, depending on availability) who for various reasons are unable to receive parental care in the immediate hours after school.

Supervision is available for such children until 19:00 of regular school days at each school facility.

Additionally, the facilities are open during school vacation periods.

The foreign residents of Funabashi City with alien registration are able to apply for this service.

In order for children to take advantage of this service in the academic year starting April 2008, applications, including renewals of existing arrangement, need to be received by January 31, 2008.

In the case of children with disabilities, parents are requested to apply by the earlier date of December 28, 2007.

Application forms are available at Jido-Ikusei-ka (Child Rearing Section of the City Office, branch offices of Funabashi City Office, the Care Facilities (Jido Homes), and the Hokago Rooms. 

Once completed, these should be submitted to Jido-Ikusei-ka (Child Rearing Section).

The admissions are at the discretion of the City Office and results of the applications will be informed at the beginning of March.

For further information, please contact Jido-Ikusei- ka of the City Office at (047-436-2956.

Funabashi International Relations Association@  Minato-cho 2-10-25, Funabashi City@@TELF047-436-2083@@FAXF047-436-2089